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Aug 21, 2006 09:09 PM

Denver resturants

I will be attending a large conference (12k+ people) at the Denver Convention Center Sept 15-16. Any recommendations for good local "joints" in walking distance. Good basic food of any variety is appreciated. I will post on the confernce blog site

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  1. To be honest its hard to think of local joints downtown. Not sure what exactly you are looking for? Keep in mind there is a free shuttle bus along the pedestrian mall so you can get easy access to lower downtown as well.

    A few thoughts on local places with basic/good food would be:

    Paramount Cafe (pretty good burgers.)

    Next door is Marlowes-

    Appaloosa (also close by - better food then the others)

    Rocky Mountain Diner

    Duffy's Shamrock (on Court Street betwen 16th and 17th.) Pretty good place for a beer. Not sure about the food.

    Rock Bottom Brewery (on 16th street. Chain- but started in CO and great patio if weather is nice


    These are the ones I can think of in easy walking distance. A few others I can think of require a longer walk or taking the shuttle bus on 16th:

    Wynkoop (Brewpub. Been around for a while. Pretty good food and very good beer. Good all around choice. Owned by the Mayor. Appaloosa is as well)

    Lime (Larimer Square. Nice area. Lots of other restraunts nearby. Ok Mexican)

    Crocs (more more the drinks then the food)

    Rio (ditto)


    1. Wazee Supper Club is a fun place to go for pizza and drinks. I like Vesta Dipping Grill, but that's more of a swanky dinner joint than a lunch destination (I don't even think it's open for lunch). I've lunched at a decent Thai place on 14th or 15th, on a corner close to the convention center, but I can't seem to find more specifics about it.

      1. How about Rocky Mountain Diner? Very close to 16th st mall and they have great comfort food. Try the buffalo meatloaf. yum.