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Aug 21, 2006 08:54 PM

please help us choose three restaurants for post-wedding dinners

I'm getting married this weekend and taking a short honeymoon trip to Martha's Vineyard. When we get back, before we resume our normal lives, we're planning to extend our honeymoon by having some great meals. We'll splurge (for us that means $150 at most for dinner for two with wine). We'll go anywhere in Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn. We don't eat meat but love fish and seafood. And we like just about every cuisine we've ever tried. So we're trying to come up with three places for next weekend, different enough from each other, sort of romantic but not stuffy.

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  1. alot depends on availability but this late in the summer, you might do ok

    Eleven Madison Park

    are two suggestions.

    I love Bouley, Danube and Aureole but your budget would be tight. Congrats.

    1. I think you can do Babbo for $150 as their wine list has lots of affordable options. Congratulations!

      1. Bouley is one of the most romantic restaurants I've been too, and one of the best dining experiences I've ever had in NYC. They have a great deal on their lunch time tasting menu. Why not have a leisurely mid-day meal instead of dinner one day.

        Congrats to you and your fiance. And for a great, romantic meal in MV, try L'Etoile in Edgartown. We went the night we were engaged, and it was romantic and delicious.

        1. One if by land two if by sea is one of the most romantic restaurants in new york. Thru Labor day they have a 35.00 prix fixe dinner Monday through Friday otherwise it is 69.00 per person. City Hall also has a 35.00 per person prix fixe. It is the wine that will be almost impossible, try calling and ask if you can BYOB, for a corking fee. I have done that even at Danube. It's a little known way to save in New York

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            As a warning - I'd do some more research on this board about One if By Land, Two if by Sea if you are at all considering it - there have been a lot of negative posts about the food there, with which I concur.

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              OIBLTIBS is a lovely space, but a tourist trap of mediocre food.

            2. I think some of the suggestions made here are not taking into consideration your stated budget: "$150 at most." For example, Eleven Madison is definitely not doable since the basic 3-course prix-fixe is $68pp. And the tasting menus' costs far exceed that. Aureole and Bouley are also too expensive at dinner. (Btw, the suggestion about doing lunch at upscale restaurants is a good one That would give you many options since many have very well-priced lunch prix-fixes.)

              As for OIBL, others have already pointed out that the food leaves way too much to be desired to even be considered.

              While Babbo may very well be doable, I have not been there. However, I do know from personal experience that it is possible to have an excellent dinner at L'Impero within those budgetary constraints. Don't miss the seriously delicious mushrooms and polenta appetizer. The portion of each is huge, so if you go a la carte, sharing can keep the cost down. The small outdoor patio is very romantic.


              Some other recommendations for fish and seafood lovers (pun intended):

              Devi, the superb Indian restaurant, serves extraordinary fish and seafood. The interior space has unusual, very attractive decor and atmospheric lighting. Ask to be seated in one of the two more intimate, curtained alcoves at the back of the main dining room. Definitely doable on this budget.


              Pampano serves modern Mexican cuisine with an emphasis on fish and seafood. Creative and delicious. Another place with a lovely outdoor terrace. And it fits the budget.


              Margaret, Best wishes to you and your very soon-to-be husband and Bon Appetit!

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                Devi is a wonderful suggestion, the room is festive and beautiful as is the food.

                I would also suggest Lupa, the food is fabulous and they have a very budget friendly wine list. Lupa is not romantic per se but we always enjoy the happy buzz of the restaurant. Definitely fits the budget.

                What about looking into a great brunch. Norma's gets good reviews but you could also try Five Points.

                If you are willing to hop on the 7 - Tournesol in Long Island City has lovely french food and there are a number of very cool bars in the area for an after dinner drink.

                Congratulations on your wedding!