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Aug 21, 2006 08:40 PM

Sac's Pizzeria-Astoria

Don't be fooled by this over-priced North Shore Long Island knock off. The sicilian pizza is heavy and near tasteless. The house red sauce is so watery, you might ask yourself if your food was cook in broth. Pasta dishes are ill-prepared and require so much cheese to even be flavorful. I, like a fool and a local, have gone back thinking maybe they've had an off night and of the three times I've dined there, the food has been consistently poor, tasteless and boring. If you have to go, do no deviate from the regular slice which is their one redeemable thing.

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  1. I don't think you really get Sac's. It's just one of the best pizza joints Astoria has to offer. Nobody talks of of the pasta etc..It's just a fine Coal oven pizza in Astoria...Just don't stray from it. Not a destination spot by any means but a good neighborhood joint. Why you would order anything else is beyond me....

    1. What North Shore place are they a knock off of?

      1. In regard to the pizza I couldn't disagree more. It is one of the best pizza places in astoria and their grandma slice, which showcases their tomato sauce, is the best one I've ever had. Fresh, bright tomato taste and garlic w/o bitterness.

        1. i disagree as well AND i prefer the square over the regular slice. ALSO i will once in a while get a meatball parm hero, which (i think) is also very good.