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Pita Bread - Atlantic Ave/Not Sahadi's

Where is there a good place to pick up pita bread near Borough Hall? The pita at Sahadi's (in the wire bin near next to the registers) always seems dry and stale. (Or maybe it's just because I go on Mondays?) The place right across the street sometimes has good pita, other times the entire bag smells overwhelmingly of perfume.

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  1. Damascus Bakery just a few doors down also sells pita and is of good quality.

    1. Damascus Bakery, almost right next door.

        1. And if you're going to Damascus Bakery, as everyone above agrees, buy the ones that are triangle-shaped. They are slightly more expensive, but so delicious. They're not the kind that have "pockets," but are soft and chewy.

          1. DAMASCUS BAKERY , a few doors down. They bake their own and supply restaurants and groceries all over the US.

            The bread is very fresh, the spinach pies and meat pies are always fresh and delicious.

            1. But if your still at Sahadi's pick up the Marouk bread next to the pita. It's really great, somewhere between pita and fillo, but closer to fillo.

              1. Another vote for Damascus. I recommend their sesame pita, especially delicious with Sahadi's baba ganoush.

                1. damascus damascus - they supply much of the pita in the city - and make good sweets too. and the owner is super nice.

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                    At Damascus - don't miss the brioche filled with date jam. Addictive!

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                      also check out Damascus' mamoul (the date or pistachio filled and perfumed molded pastry. These are wrapped in paper - the little ones arent as good.

                      Ive mostly given up on regular pita and switched to the pocketless variety - it just keeps much better.

                  2. If I can't get the absolutely fresh stuff from Damascus, I get Kontos Onion Naan, which I freeze and revive briefly in the toaster.

                    I also agree with Dogstar and prefer the pocketless pita (again from Kontos) to the regular.

                    1. damascus sesame pita. Also they have a poppy seed version that is also good.