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Aug 21, 2006 08:31 PM

Bread and Butter bakery at 3346 Washington St.

It disappeared!! I liked their bread a lot. I went there today, but it is gone. Now it is another bakery called "Canto." Are they the same? Maybe I was imagining things, but I don't think the bread was as good. What happen to "Bread and Butter" bakery?

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  1. they closed unfortunately; different owners and different baked goods
    no more bread

    1. I think Canto is now owned by one of the former workers from Bread & Butter. When the change was announced, there was word that Canto will source their bread from Clear Flour in Brookline, where the original Bread & Butter owner had previously worked. The new owner wanted to refocus on gourmet sandwiches and specialty desserts.

      It's on my list to try, perhaps this weekend. I'll post after I've been.

      1. Bread is from Clear Flour. The pastry is awesome though, maybe even better, and all made there. I had a gruyere croissant that was so good I had to go back for another...One of the owners did work for Bread and Butter. Nice to see a local place stay local.