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Aug 21, 2006 08:31 PM

Rosh Hashana - it's not too early!

OK, it's not too early. Looking for easy to prepare recipes. Want to do things a little differently this year - no briskets need apply. Will be preparing both nights for 8 people and lunch/kiddush after services both days, trying to stay cholesterol free/cardiac healthy (I hear you laughing!) We mix meat & dairy, not a problem (that's why not posting on kosher board). Looking for desserts that are sugar free or made with Splenda. Local apples will be in season in next couple of weeks. Any recipes welcome!

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  1. I made a spinach & cheese kugel a few years ago that was really good. Got the recipe from Joan Nathan's book, Jewish Cooking in America. I'll post the recipe if you want it.

    I know you don't want brisket recipes but there's also a good recipe in the book that I've made a few times and gotten raves on. It's called "Texas Barbecue Brisket as served to Lyndon Johnson." Two of the ingredients are chili sauce and beer!

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      I'd love the recipe for the spinach & cheese kugel :)

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          Thanks, I actually just found it. It was on a website that lists a whole bunch of kugels:

    2. Harvest Chicken (from


      This is an easy chicken recipe which is perfect for Rosh Hashannah and doubles well. A person could add honey to the chicken to get the full-on holiday feel, but who needs the extra calories? The beauty of this is that you do not need to thicken the sauce or prepare a starch. You could substitute kasha or even rice for the barley. Reheats wonderfully.

      1 -2 cut-up or butterflied kosher chicken(s)
      15 or so small carrots - chopped
      2 hearts of celery - chopped
      1 or 2 red or yellow onions - chopped
      2 bunches scallions (spring onions) - chopped
      1 head garlic - peeled, cleaned and smashed
      2-4 bay leaves - depends on how much you like bay
      1 cup dried cranberries - you may know them as crasins - you can also use pomegranate
      1 cup more or less barley - this can be omitted if you despise barley
      2-3 cups apple cider or kosher apple juice
      Salt/Pepper to taste

      Oil a large, deep baking pan and place chopped vegetables, garlic, cranberries, garlic and bay in the bottom of the pan. Salt and pepper to taste. Add barley and then pour apple cider over all. The juice should nearly cover the vegetables. Place the chicken over the vegetablees. Salt and pepper again if you like. Place in a 375 oven for 1 - 1.5 hrs until chicken is cooked and carrots are soft and barley is done. Add more cider if the barley looks like it is drying out.

      1. In your post, you write "trying to stay cholesterol free/". If this is the case, you'll need to eliminate animal products - there is zero cholesterol in plants. Is a vegan menu what you want?

        1. I have used a similar chili sauce/brown sugar/beer recipe in the past, it is delicious. No, we are not 0 cholesterol, but trying to cut down on fats, removing chicken skin, no red meat, using low fat mayo & sour cream. My huge hulking husband would screw up his nose at the idea of a vegan holiday meal, but I am trying to compromise as he and my daughter need to reduce their cholesterol. This is the equivalent of trying to help them without making them aware they are missing anything. Thanks, looking forward to the spinach kugel.