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Unusual Hot Dog toppings - crispy onions

This post on the Ontario board catches my eye evertime I see it on hot posts ... so much so that I'm going out and buying a can of crispy fried onions to put on my Labor Day hot dog. Does that sound like a good combo or what?


The poster says that this is common in Sweden where another topping offered was creamy shrimp-salad sauce. Yeah, I don't know about that.

Another poster mentioned in France the dog was topped with fries ... hmmm ... maybe seasoned curly fries would be good too. I've put fries on a burger, never considered it for a hot dog before this.

When I first moved to California from New England I was shocked to see chopped fresh tomatoes and onions on dogs along with the mustard and relish ... but it really works. However, that's not too unusual.

Any other frank toppings outside the norm?

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  1. Did you catch the Ham on the Street ep where he did crushed up potato chips on the dogs?

    My personal fave is kimchi, but it is an acquired taste.

    1. There's always kimchee, cream cheese, Poutine, and even truffles.

      1. The late night Hipster food cart in NY has kimchee hot dogs with small dried fish sprinkled on top. Very good if unusual.

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          Pink's in LA has a great dog topped with Pastrami.

        2. How about "Shredded Shoyo Pork" and chili to make a Oki (short for Okinawa) dog.

          Scroll to the bottom of the article to review the step-by-step proceedure:


          1. If you're near Mexico, you can try a Sonoran hot dog. The roll is more substantial, they wrap the dog in bacon before grilling, then once the dog is in the bun, it gets topped with pinto beans, onions (both grilled and raw), chopped tomatoes, jalapeƱo sauce, mustard, and mayonnaise.

            1. I had some leftover olive salad after making Muffalettas -- so I put some olive salad on grilled hot dogs. Pretty tasty!!!

              1. I think in Iceland they top the hot dogs with a curry sauce, among other things

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                  Its called "Remuladi", made of mayonnaise, eggs, vinegar, dill pickles and spices - probably a hint of curry in there. The toppings are so good there that I get shipments ocassionally to the US. :)

                2. I like a mixture of Van Camp's pork 'n beans and diced raw onion on my hot dog. Will have to try crushing up some potato chips to add next time.

                  1. in brazil, they put potato strings on them (those fried potato sticks that taste like chips but seem 100x more healthy, but probably aren't,

                    i personally like my hot dogs plain, everyone i know thinks this is weirdest thing (i also like my burgers with a bun and just meat)

                    1. Grilled Hot Dogs go great with fried bologna on the roll!!

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                        You win. Now I want a hot dog with fried bologna.

                      2. Had my first slaw dog a month or so ago. That works.

                        1. In a roll with gruyere cheese and popped in the oven until it is bubbly and delicious. I don't even like hot dogs, but my bf does, and he got one outside the Louvre from a little cafe, and that's how they served it...it looked so delicious, I had to try it and man was it good. I think there was mayo too, now that I think of it.

                          1. Fried shallots with herb salt on anything is fantastic.

                            1. guacamole and bacon...mmmmmmmm

                              1. A grilled dog on a bun with yellow mustard, onions, slaw, and Old Bay seasoning

                                1. I always put mayo on my dog. And my fries. This really grosses a lot of people out but whats not to love about mayo?

                                  1. Your post reminds me of two fond travel memories...

                                    I spent a summer bicycling through Denmark as a poor student, and made many meals of the bright red, very thin hot dogs sold everywhere there and topped with crispy onions as you describe - I guess this extends beyond Sweden to other parts of Scandinavia.

                                    As to french fries on hot dogs, haven't tried that but in Rome we had some pizza topped with french fries at one of those places that sells sheet pizza by weight ("per etto"!)... it was absolutely amazing and I've never been able to recreate it despite a couple of valiant attempts.

                                    1. Yeah that post was great; trained my eye to find a big bag of fried onions from an Indian grocer. They have been going on everything I cook this week, most notably creamy soups. Mmm.

                                      1. Prepared mustard, onions, sauerkraut, corn relish and green olives!!!