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Aug 21, 2006 08:19 PM

Bushel of frozen peaches - what to make?

Well, we brought home a bushel of peaches from a trip to the country yesterday. They smelled marvelous! I blanched them in hot water for 1-2 minutes, slipped the skin off, cut them into eigths and froze them in 5-6 cup portions using my food saver vacuum sealer. I think we will have fresh peaches all through the winter! Already did a great cobbler using Cook's Illustrated recipe last night. Looking for other suggestions, peach crisp? peach ice cream? peach galette? peach cake? Husband seems to think some kind of chicken recipe would be yummy using peaches and an apricot/mustard/wasabi cooking sauce I haven't yet opened. Please send suggestions, thanks!

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  1. What a great treat! We went through about 20 - 30 lbs of fresh peaches a couple of weeks ago. I made peach ice cream, a couple of versions; 3 pies - 1 with crumble topping, 2 with lattice tops; 1 peach frangipane galette; 1 peach upside-down cake, and we ate a lot just with ice cream. Most of this is frozen, except the galette which we ate still warm. We've finished about half the ice cream.

    I didn't try any savory recipes, but I think something like chicken marbella with peaches instead of prunes would be delicious. Or use peaches in place of figs in Zuni's chicken with figs, honey and vinegar.

    1. I once made peach butter...substituted the peaches for apples. Amazing. Delicious.

      1. Had the same problem at the cottage last week - three of us brought peaches and 2 of the baskets were getting soft. We had peach crumble one night, and I was challenged to come up for the second night, without having to drive into town for ingredients. I made a tart, with a gingersnap-cookie base, cream cheese (lightened with whipped cream)filling, and then roasted the peaches with ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon for the top. Reduced the leftover roasting liquid and spiked it with schnapps for a sauce. No leftovers, which is a good sign.

        1. You could make peach cobbler, peach ice cream, peach and cream yogurt, peach crumble, peach divine cake, peach and another fruit of your choice smoothie, galette is a good idea, peach jelly/perserves are YUMMY, peach cream icing is great over plain vanilla cake....oh man the possibilities are endless!!

          1. Jacques Pepin has a peach recipe where he just took a can of peaches, emptied the syrup out, heated it in a pan until it turned into caramel, poured it over the peaches, and topped it with crushed pistachios. Could probably do the same thing with a simple syrup reduction.