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Aug 21, 2006 08:12 PM

Homemade Butter from Local Raw Cream

This Omnivore is not having a Dilemma at all! I can order quarts of raw cream from Tom , my local farmer( 50 miles away)who raises Jersey cows on grass. I order it and he brings it to my local farmer's market where I pick it up. It is so rich, a spoon stands straight up in it. It is so thick that it will not make whipped cream ( I could thin it with milk for this I'm sure) and whips into butter, after a few strong turns of my whisk. I salt it and then freeze it to make it last. Today I made a pie crust with the butter. I am in ecstacy!!!!! The cream is SO fresh and delicious, and bears no relationship whatsoever to the ultra pastureized lifeless swill that the store has to offer. Try to get your hands on some raw cream for a hugely pleasureable cooking experience.I'm making ice cream and creme fraiche tomorrow.I made some clarified butter last week. Not for everyday but a beautiful treat once in a while. Happy to share sources if you live in the Philadelphia area.

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  1. Color me jealous! Where do you live, that you're able to enjoy such a treat?

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      Philly, have been working with a group of enlightened Amish and Mennonite farmers for a while. They are really getting with the organic and local program as they see how much business there is to be had in this fab niche market. I have had the AMAZING experience of staying at their farms and getting to know the families too. If I'm gonna clog my arteries, let cream flow through my veins and I will croak with a smile on my face. That's really called " buying the farm." Not to make you too jealous, am making mozzarella from raw milk too. Life is good (except for the government!)

    2. I'm green with envy too! I used to live a few miles from a dairy that sold raw milk and cream so thick it clogged your arteries with every spoonful.

      1. I enjoyed that for years growing up near Monroe, WI, where we would go to the cheese factories with our own Ball jars and get them filled with thick cream that would become so solid by the time we got home that it could only be removed with a spoon. My grandfather liked it slightly soured - sometimes he even liked the butter made from that cream. We used to make ice cream from it as well, with fresh strawberries from the garden or fresh peaches. Once we even had it with fresh gooseberries!

        1. [drools unbecomingly, wipes chin] When I lived in Philly in the late 60's, an Amish family used to sell amazing home made jams and butters (apple in particular) at Reading Terminal Market. Is there any prospect your farmer friends will sell their products there, or someplace similar?

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            They do, thanks to the sustainable food movement that is growing quickly in Philly.

          2. We are very lucky in California (I live in SF) to have two sources for raw dairy available at our markets: Organic Pastures and Claravale.

            Organic Pastures is run by dairyman Mark McAfee and is the only organic, raw, pasture-fed dairy selling commercially in the country. Cows are on pasture all the time. Mark invented a 'mobile milking barn' that gets taken out into the field where the cows are - a hygienic and effective way to milk truly 'free range' cattle. Check out his website at

            Claravale Dairy is an historic raw-milk dairy with exceptionally rich milk and cream.

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                Both sources are widely availalbe in LA.