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Aug 21, 2006 08:09 PM

DC Cocktails

I am coming to DC on Thursday for four nights from Boston. I have already made restaurant reservations based on information I have read here.

Now I need information on the best places in DC for cocktails. I am looking for a place that does classic cocktails well. I am not talking about a Green Apple Martini or an "Absolute Cosmo". I am looking for someplace that can make me a Sazerac or a Jack Rose or a Red Hook or a Pisco Sour.

I read an article about the Town & Country at the Mayflower. Is this a place for cocktails?


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  1. The Round Robin at the Willard or Firefly on New Hampshire are great places to go for the classics.

    1. The Town & Country is a very nice choice.

      1. Acadiana, near the convention center, does a great Sazerac. I've been hearing very good things about the bar at Agraria (in Georgetown) doing classic cocktails as well. (The restaurant itself is getting mixed reviews so far, but everyone seems to love the bar.)

        1. Here's Agraria's classics menu. $12 each.

          Tart, bitter, strong and flavorful is how we like our classics. If you’re looking for sweet and easy, ask your bartender for a non-traditional version.

          The Manhattan
          Wild Turkey rye, Carpano Antica Formula vermouth, Angostura bitters,
          garnished with a Kirsch-soaked cherry

          The Martini ($2 supplemental)
          Millers Westbourne Strength Gin, Vya dry vermouth, Fee Brothers orange bitters,
          served with a pickle tray

          The Sidecar
          Hennessey VS, Cointreau, lemon juice, simple syrup with a raw sugared rim

          The Jack Rose
          Laird’s apple jack, lemon juice, "American Beauty" grenadine

          The Margarita
          Patron Silver, Cointreau, fresh squeezed lime juice, with a salted rim

          The Bronx
          Millers Gin, Vya dry vermouth and Punt e Mes vermouth, fresh squeezed orange juice,
          Regans orange bitters

          The Americano
          Campari, Punt e Mes vermouth, soda water