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Aug 21, 2006 08:00 PM

Per Se for lunch?

I was able to get a reservation for lunch, not dinner, at Per Se. I was told everything (e.g., menu, price, experience) is the same as for dinner. I would be interested in hearing your views and experiences.

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  1. Fear not! Same menu. Also being that a meal runs pretty long at Per Se many prefer lunch. Enjoy.

    1. Bring Money. A Lot Of It.

      1. And dont eat dinner the night before, or breakfast...

        I ate lunch, and we had a 5:30 reservation. By course 9 of 15 (counting all the amuse bouches/extras) my boss turned to me and said "you look nauseous." Not exactly nauseous, but not like I could gobble down another 3 dishes and 3 desserts...

        1. My husband and I are going this weekend and purposely made a lunch reservation so that we could enjoy it rather than fall asleep. Everybody we know who has been says lunch is a great option.

          1. As in the best restaurants in Europe, the menu is the same for lunch and dinner. The reason? The demand for this "over the top" dining experience is so great that they can fill tables for lunch just as easily as they can for the traditionally longer and higher priced experience at dinner. In a typical restaurant people want a shorter dining experience, smaller portions, etc. At Per Se its a DINNER dining experience at lunch and dinner. And its a good thing the demand is so strong... cause they spent a fortune putting this place together... and it costs a fortune to operate.

            So, prepare to be blown away. This is fine dining at its best. The food, service, decor... well everything... is superb. One of the top restaurants in the USA. Enjoy!!