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Aug 21, 2006 08:00 PM

Any cheap but good mexican and $4 Margaritas?

Hi guys, I would like to dine mexican tonite no more than
$20 pp perferably downtown no higher than the 20's. I'm looking for real big and cheap Margaritas, too. Thanks!

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  1. Such a real mexican place does not exist in NYC. And definitely not within the given price range. Maybe try Lupe's East LA Kitchen? They sound sort of close.

    1. The only $4 margaritas I know of are happy hour at La Palapa (which also has decent $3 small bites) and Harry's Barritos - but their food is TERRIBLE.

      The cheapest and most authentic Mexican food is Noche Mexicana but they still don't have margaritas - just beer and wine. The food at El Centro is also fairly authentic and cheap - similar to what you'd find in a hip young place in Oaxaca or Mexico City - but their margaritas are not cheap.

      But, if you are from Chicago or LA, there is nothing to compare to the cheap amazing options in those places.

      1. $4 margarita's in manhattan is gonna be tough...

        el maguey y la tuna is a great, authentic, family run spot with huge portions and good prices. not much on the decor front but very friendly. and the margarita's are tasty (i forget what they cost).

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          I agree - I just had a birthday dinner there last week. The margaritas aren't too expensive - depends which tequila's in it, but it runs from $5 up I think. But you can also get pitchers of it. And the food is good. And this is another poor (recently ex-) student talking.

          1. re: janethepain

            I think El Sombrero takeout margaritas are $5--maybe get one of those and go eat elsewhere. Unfortunately, my favorite margaritas never intersect with good Mexican food. The only $4 margarita I know of in the city might be the Turkey's Nest during happy hour.

            1. re: erikka

              Frozen margaritas at El Sombrero are $7 a pop.

                1. re: holland_oats

                  Blockheads has $3.50 margaritas, i usually go somwhere better then get some outdoor seating at blockheads. and there are many blockheads... restaurants

                  1. re: stainer

                    Agree on Blockheads, and note that their margaritas come in several flavors. And they're good size and strong for $3.50! Three of these will surpass one $10-11 pom marg at Rosa Mexicana, although those are tasty as well. And the Blockheads at 50th or so (bet. 8th/9th) has nice outdoor seating.

                    1. re: drmoze

                      Definitely agree on blockheads. They used to have tasty fish tacos too, but last time i went they were off the menu. Just stay away from the half sangria/ half rita drink, it made me very sick. too sweet i think.

          1. Haha Rosa Mexicano's margaritas are pretty damn strong too. They come out of one of those slushy machines (if you get their house one), but man, you won't have to be ordering too many rounds. I think they're like $10, but maybe more cost-effective in the long run?