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Aug 21, 2006 07:50 PM

Portland, ME - any decent brewpubs?

Looking for the perfect combination for a lazy Friday... great beer, great burger.
Would like to try Shipyard but not sure whether the food options warrant a full visit?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Gritty's in the Old Port. They also have a location in Freeport.

    If you get farther north an outstanding brewpub is The Liberal Cup in Hallowell.

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    1. re: HDinCentralME

      I second the Gritty's nomination -- good beer, and the food is good pub-style stuff. I've found them to be very accommodating -- I went one day with a craving for grilled cheese, and they let me order it off the children's menu AND add bacon and tomato. Perfect with a pint!

      1. re: toaster

        Yes, Gritty's yes.

        For a fine pint partnership, also try the Brewer's Barley-Coated chicken sandwich. I go out of my way for that and their Scottish Ale, when it's in season... (Right now, I'd bet they were brewing a raspberry wheat...)

        1. re: ella10129

          I will second this recommendation for both Gritty's and the Brewer's Barley Coated chicken and fish...even my mother, not a brewpub person at all (from Kennebunk)enjoyed it (and we were at the Freeport location).
          Isn't The Shipyard in Portland a brewery, and not a brewpub?
          I believe the "brewpubs" affiliated with the Shipyard Brewing Company are Federal Jack's in Kennebunkport (actually the Kennebunkport Brewing Company) and SeaDog Brewing in Topsham.

          1. re: Lighthousehunter

            Decided on Gritty's and the brewer's barley coated chicken... couldn't be happier! It was the juiciest, most tender piece of chicken I've had in a long time. And the batter is a great hearty contrast to the meat inside. Pints were fresh too. Thanks all!

    2. You only need to go to the Great Lost Bear if you are serious about beer. I need to caution you that there website loads pretty slow.

      1. Gritty's has great beer, but pretty mediocre food. I like the lamb burger and the Gritty's chips (homemade potato chips) but in general nothing to write home about, and the service is very spotty. You can find Gritty's in the Old Port, in Freeport, and in Auburn. In the old Port, better food, bigger menu, free popcorn, and a nicely varied beer selection can be had at $3 Dewey's. Better food still at Brian Boru's (really great burgers), but generally awfully crowded.

        Don't go to Great Lost Bear for the food. Not a brewpub at all, but a bar that has an impressive beer selection, both local and from away. Anyone on this board frequently knows my opinion of the food there: mainly Sysco and eh.

        Sebago Brewing Co, while having a somewhat slick, corporate vibe, is a real brewpub with beers made onsite (locations in the Old Port, by the Maine Mall, and in Gorham) and also has decent (although not stellar) food with enough selection to feed pretty much anyone.

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        1. re: the_MU

          I'll second this comment on the Great Lost Bear. GREAT selection of domestic (especially Maine) brews on tap and in the bottle, but the food is sorely lacking. Go there after eating.

        2. I would choose sebago over gritty's if I were to choose between the food. About the great lost bear, do you really think that having that many draft beer selections is good because all it says to me is unless you know their top selling brands the one you pick could be really really old and that is not o.k. The food tastes as if it comes straight out of a bag.