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Aug 21, 2006 07:45 PM

moving from Park Slope to Sunset Park... recs for my new hood?

I live right across from Sette and have sadly been priced out of my apartment. Off to 41st and 7th I go. I've been to the latin side of Sunset Park several times but never ventured further than 5th Ave. in the 40s. Can anyone recommend some good places to soothe my exile?

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  1. There was a big post on this a while back by someone who had just started working in the neighborhood.

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    1. re: Peter Cuce

      the other thread was all the way down by 3rd Avenue, on 7th and 41st this OP is SO close to Ba Xuyen (bahn mi shop with other great stuff between 42-43 and 8th) - walking over to 8th and walking south, there are lots of Chinese places opening up all the time including dumpling shops as well as some hispanic restaurants. There is less commercial activity on 7th (probably a good thing), but if you walk south there are some places, including a dumpling place in the 50s and a nicely kept mexican grocer.

      1. re: jen kalb

        Oh sorry, didn't notice the 7th part. Yeah, that's very close to Brooklyn Chinatown.

    2. Thanks for the tip on Ba Xuyen, it is so close and so good. Northern China Dumpling Co. from the dumpling thread is also good.

      I've been heading to the central american side of the park for several years so I have my favorites over there, but can anyone tell me if there are NON Mexican (Salvadorean, etc) or Chinese places in the hood? A good deli? Perhaps some italian? Or do I need to hop the bus back up to Park Slope? I am definitely missing the food already.

      Also, if anyone lives in the 11232 zip code, please help a sister out and submit a request to FreshDirect for delivery. They deliver to 11220, which starts at 43rd st, but won't come two blocks north because "not enough people from your zip code have requested." I pointed out that 3/4 of my zip code is the Greenwood Cemetary but it fell on deaf ears.

      1. Before you bus it up to the Slope, there's an excellent Salvadoran restaurant called El Morro on 14th Avenue in Borough Park, at around 40th Street. There's a frequent crosstown bus on 39th Street. Try the chicken soup--strangely, it might be the best chicken soup in an otherwise completely ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

        The 39th Street bus continues toward Flatbush along Church Avenue (roti, Jamaican, Pakistani [Coney Island Avenue] and Bangladeshi [McDonald Avenue], etc.)