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Aug 21, 2006 07:42 PM

Ditching Work on Wednesday looking for a Hip Fun Place for a Late Lunch or Early Dinner

So I'm only working a half-day on Wednesday and spending the other half with my girlfriend. I'm looking for a place that is fun and adventerous for two hardworking individuals in the their mid 20's. I want a place that is relaxing where the food is adventerous an an environment that will allow us to connect. We've enjoyed placed like Violet and Bhudda's Belly to give you an idea of what were going for. I'de appreciate any feedback you guys have to offer.

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  1. Most restaurant open between 5:30pm-6pm. Is that early enough? There are many great places open for lunch, but most of them close between 2pm-3pm. What time were you thinking of going? Also, I don't think any restaurant is really hip and fun during that time.

    You could go to a bar like the Father's Office, which I think opens at 3pm, or any of the new Culver City places like Ford's Filling Station or Wilson. There are also the new wine bars like Bin8945, Lou's, or Upstairs 2.