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Aug 21, 2006 07:38 PM

POLL: Where to live in greater Boston based on food in the area

Curiosity has gotten the best of me, so I ask you, chowhounds:

Where in the greater Boston area would you live if your only criteria were what food/markets were nearby?

Disclaimer: Please don't use the "everything in Boston is so close together, that I could live anywhere and still eat everything I want!" reasoning we often tell tourists. As true as that might be, I'm more interested in what food neighborhoods you love. This is not for publication or a research study, just interested in what you think.

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  1. I live in the South End and one of the many reasons that I love it there is because of all the great places to eat! I end up going out to eat several nights a week and it is really convenient with so many good places ranging from the expensive (Hamersley's, Butcher Shop) to the more reasonable (Franklin Cafe, Dish). I'm also especially fond of some of the newer additions like Orinoco, Toro and Douzo. As far as markets go, I do wish there were more options, especially those with reasonable prices. The Butcher Shop has great stuff but it's quite expensive and I'm sure Barbara Lynch's new market will have great quality, but I suspect with prices to match. I like the North End for the butchers and salumerias.

    1. Has to be the North End for downtown Boston. Great restaurants and more importantly -- great markets like Salumeria Italiana, J. Pace, and good wine stores.

      And I have to say it, not just because I'm in the hood, Somerville is a pretty great chow destination.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. For sheer variety I think it's hard to beat Somerville. In Union Square alone you've got Korean, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Japanese, Chinese, Irish, and good old American!

          When you include Davis and Teele Squares, add in Winter Hill and Powderhouse, and even the Somerville side of Porter Square, it's a veritable smorgasbord of restaurants and ethnic food shops. Nowhere else even comes close.

          1. I live in the North End, so I think you know what my answer is. :)