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Aug 21, 2006 07:10 PM

Special night starting at North Pond for Drinks...need dinner recs!

Hi, I'm trying to plan a special birthday dinner. I'd like to start at North Pond for drinks, but then move elsewhere for dinner. Any recommendations for a nice place nearby (willing to taxi), but one that will not break the bank? I'd say around the $25 entree range. Open to all cuisines...

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  1. Special? Near North Pond? $25/entree? Well, North Pond might be $1-4 more per entree, but you're not going to do any better in this general area. And given the beautiful location, I think this is where you should be having dinner.

    I might suggest Salpicon in Old Town for some outstanding Mexican food.

    Mon Ami Gabi is very close to North Pond, and it's decent French bistro food but nothing particularly special. It's certainly less than $25/entree however.

    1. Gotta agree. Don't leave. It's not a "special place" to have drinks as the bar area is pretty small and you might not get the one table that has a view of the pond and the city beyond. BUT... Once you are there you won't want to leave, especially when you read the menu posted near the door, just before you go in. Stay and have a great time.

      1. Definitely not North Pond for drinks.

        Tavern on Rush is a better choice and then Hugo's or Gibsons for dinner or drinks and dinner at HUGO's.

        1. You could go up to Jack's on Halsted (at Belmont), which has good food and a romantic atmosphere. It would be a cab ride. I especially love the appetizers there, the last time I was there I had an amazing lamb risotto appetizer.

          1. Have to agree with those who question why you'd have drinks at North Pond - and then leave to go to dinner elsewhere! North Pond has great food in a very pretty and romantic setting. Or, how about Sweets and Savories? The food is great, and the price is right.