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Aug 21, 2006 07:07 PM

Looking for Something Good For Lunch in Northampton

We're passing through on Friday, any ideas?

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  1. Amanouz - middle eastern.
    Sylvesters - eggs, sandwiches, brunch

    1. I second Sylvester's for atmosphere and a diverse, creative lunch/brunch menu.

      Other thoughts, listed from fanciest to plainest:

      --Green Street (on, you guessed it) for French bistro with homegrown produce
      --Zen on Main Street for well executed pan-Asian
      --Woodstar Cafe on Masonic for creative sandwiches and great coffee and pastries

      Have fun....

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      1. re: lisacs

        I absolutely second the Woodstar-- they make all their bread on the premises, and their multigrain and sourdough have just the right balance of quality crust and soft, flavorful interior.

        Also, if you're up for a post-lunch treat: ice cream at Herrell's. Homemade, beyond good. They currently have a mocha-roasted almond flavor that features whole nuts...

        1. re: ella10129

          I didn't know Green Street was open for lunch! Love that place. Also will second Herrell's. I'm only in Northampton a few times a year, and dream of Herrell's for weeks prior to each visit.