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Aug 21, 2006 07:04 PM

Posts to questions

I think it a bit ludicrous to post responses that are 953 days old re - Pizza in Los Angeles. Isn't there a way to limit far outdated responses

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  1. Well, I've seen new responses to posts from 2001, and even older. This very topic was heavily addressed within the first month of the switchover to the new CH site (and continues to be). Some responders only belated realize that they've responded to 5 year old posts; others simply want to revisit a topic with updated information without starting a new thread. Yes, there's a way to limit outdated responses; no, it won't be implemented...

    1. It has been suggested to the Engineering team that "date" be the default setting for the search results so that the most recent would appear at the top. Don't know where this stands.