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Aug 21, 2006 06:58 PM

NY Hound Back from Seattle

Well I'm back. Had a great time. I'll hit the highlights and can provide details if anyone's interested. Had some fantastic meals. In no particular order-had lunch at Etta's, Elliot's Oyster, Duke's in Tacoma, Top Gun (dim sum) and Salumi (although sadly they were so crowded and out of so many things that I couldn't go back again and had to resort to going to DeLaurenti's in the Market and ordering 5 types of Salumi's charcuterie which I ate in the hotel and on top of the Space Needle to my wife's disgust). Dinners at Dahlia Lounge (the duck and coconut pie were great); Herbfarm (unbelievable); Wild Ginger(more duck and satays); Harvest Vine (very authentic tapas); Mistral (even better than Herbfarm); Nishino's for sushi omakase; Saigon Bistro for pho; Brooklyn Oyster and Malay Satay Hut. Sampled banh mi from Saigon Deli and Seattle Deli; ate my way through Pike Market (Uli's sausages, Mee Sum; Three Sisters; Beecher's Cheese; Crumpet Shop; Le Panier) and finally...Top Pot Donuts for their 2 lb Bavarian Cremes. How'd I do?

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  1. G.G., As a die-hard Chowhound, I'm sorry to see you could only visit Seattle for a day. I hope you can visit and Chow longer next time.

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      :) yeah- imagine what I could've done in 2 weeks.

    2. I'd say you did damn well. That's a really comprehensive survey of Seattle's good stuff to do in one took me years to make my way through most of those places (and some I still haven't been to).

      Your dedication is impressive.

      1. I leave tomorrow for Seattle. I have 8 days there. You've given me such inspiration. We're on a rather strict budget so Dahlia and Herbfarm are out but Matt's and happy hour at Elliot's definitely in!

        Speaking of Pike Market, did you notice if the hot dog seller was still next to De Laurenti's? I think it's called Danny's Flavor Freeze. I think he has the best hot dogs in Seattle.

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          Do Lunch at Matt's, as the temptation/need to spend is geater at dinner and lunch is good.
          Downstairs is The Crumpet Shop for good sandwiches and soups, and Pan Africa Market 1521 First Ave., for a couple of sample platters served on great Njera. You will freak that you ate every scrap. Call salumi (or go for reconnaisance) early , they open at 1100 and are too jamm-packed crazy busy by 1130. Armed with intelligence gained by asking over the phone (second-best) or visual reconnaisance (best) of the specials-display-case and sidewalk sandwich board, you can call from a pay-phone to ask them to reserve servings of specific dishes for you, which they will graciously attempt to do (but a lot can happen when you are that busy, so keep kind). Deeper toward Pioneer Square, North of Occidental Park (go to first tuesday), Tat's is good, but don't miss the Baguette Box, 1203 Pine St. for fine sandwiches and truffle fries. Lunch or dinner also at Green Leaf (have bahn xieo to taste the coconut) also coconut drink. Bahn-mi 88 at 12th and Jackson for fun bahn mi. Lunch at El Pureco Lloron, World-Class Chili, Jacks Fish Spot (check expectations at the door and get Cioppinio, crab cocktail, oysters, clams, ooh). Across the street to Market Grill for a Halibut sandwich and Delarenti's for great lunch-counter pizza and salads, but avoid the deli case (but DO go to Big John's PFI, where all the deli you can handle is about half the price). The wine shop is fun, tho. Not every hound understands Pecos pit, but every one remembers the experience. True of Jones, too a few doors away, at Lander and Occidental - I like the ribs or rib-tips, and bread-pudding and the pies are all good (if sweet). In between these is Pho Cyclo. Get a large bowl, just for the experience. Down the road (South of First) to East Marginal Way takes you past the first-south bridge at Michegan St. to the 14th South (South Park) bridge and across to Muy Macho for a taco platter. Or several - they will assort at your whim. The chile relleno is worth a look, too. While there, see Naranja Feliz, around back in the parking lot, and across the street to the Mexi-Mart for a hoot. Back up in North of the canal, see Melina's Taco shop, Tacos Guymas, LaCarta de Oaxaca, happy hour at La Isla, definitely Paseo, where the world's finest takeout dinner(s) will give plenty of change from a twenty. Maritime pacific in Fremont for deep-fried oysters. Oh, yes, back downtown, take the water-taxi to Alki and Sunfish for Halibut and Chips.
          You may well see me and my crutches at late lunch at salumi. I hope so. I'd love to share stories with you. Have fun in Seattle.

          1. re: mr.nelso

            Oh, wow, thank you so much. I spent 7 years in Seattle and I tried maybe 3 of those places. I'm definitely giving as many as I can a try this visit.
            I moved out in 2003. And when I lived there, my significant other was not much of a culinary adventurer. Our usual places were Blue Ribbon Eggs Cetera and Sea Thai in Wallingford. We split up and I met someone who's far more daring food-wise (actually, he's who got me on this board). So all of this is so helpful as I'm bring Daring Food Boy with me to Seattle.

            Our first stop tomorrow early morning is for coffee in Capital Hill. I'm thinking a snickerdoodle and americano at Caffe Ladro. Then we're taking the drive to Leavenworth.

          2. re: nicholel

            Couldn't get into Matt's at lunch. Didn't have hot dogs. Pagliacci's pizza was not great but the square thin pizza at DeLaurenti's in the Market was great!

            1. re: guttergourmet

              Matt's takes reservations for lunchtime. For coffee on Cap Hill not far from Ladro also consider Fuel (19th and Mercer) or Victrola (15th) or, better yet, head down to Summit and Mercer to the original Top Pot location and get a donut with your zeitgeist coffee.

              1. re: guttergourmet

                Hear! Hear!
                I don't see much appreciation of the pizza at deLaurenti's around here, but it is high on my list of favorite lunches. The pizza of the day and a salad is hard to beat. Because Salumi is closed monday, I get somewhere else about once a week, heh, often deLaurenti's. Except some mondays I go to World class chili, in the atrium behind.

            2. The hot dog vendor hasn't gone anywhere. Plus, while I haven't tried one yet, I've confirmed that he makes egg creams. Must visit soon and get one...

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              1. re: seattledebs

                Oh wonderful. I need to talk to him and get the skinny on how long he's been in the market. He seemed to be only hot dog vendor in Seattle who knew and and had real NYC-style red onion sauce.

                Another place I like to get dogs right near by is Bavarian Meats in the market (tho' the cooking's left to you). They have delicious knockwurst.

              2. Nicholel, Also check out the happy hour at Cascadia!! They have wonderful half price Alpine Martinis as well as great mini burgers and cones of calamari. If the weather is nice, they have outside seating as well. It's a pretty space inside, and the happy hour food is a great deal!