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Aug 21, 2006 06:47 PM

Question about cooking with Le Creuset--high heat?

The instructions that came with my dutch oven say to keep the flame at medium to medium-low. But a lot of braising recipes call for the heat to be turned to high at the end to reduce sauces, etc., and all these recipes assume you're using some high-quality braise-worthy cookware.

So is it safe to turn the heat high on my Le Creuset pot?

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  1. I've been using various Le Creuset pots and skillets for about 25 years with high heat. Never had a problem.

    1. Ditto - though most of the things I cook in Le Creuset require lower heat - risotto, braising, etc.

      1. I've used LC and like products (Copco, Descoware, etc) for more than 40 years and have only had one problem/disaster. A friend, borrowing my kitchen, pre-heated an empty LC skillet on high heat. It was likely forgotten and became almost red-hot, cracking the interior coating. It was beyond use and thrown away. This was explained in a note left for me along with a handsome cheque to cover the cost of replacement.

        Browning on med-high and reducing on high (both gas and electric) heat have never been a problem.

        Moral of the story: pay attention to the empty LC on high heat, otherwise you should be fine.

        1. I heat my LC dutch oven just about to the smoking point of olive oil--probably around 375° or even a little higher--to brown veal shanks for osso buco. Never had any trouble and it cleans up just fine with detergent and a nylon scrubber.

          1. High heat is 400 degrees and higher - too hot for LC; consider heavy-guage stanless steel for anything over 400 degrees.