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What to ask for from Pampered Chef?

Okay, I know not everyone is crazy about Pampered Chef, but I think they can be fun parties and I like some of their gadgets, and well, I always *need* gadgets! ;-) Anyway, on Saturday, we threw a Pampered Chef wedding shower for one of my friends because that's what she wanted (I like it because everyone brings a recipe, which I think is special.) She needs $68 to be bumped up to the next level to get more free stuff, and her mom wants to buy me and my fiance a wedding present, and knock out two birds with one stone! The problem is, is there's not much else I want from there... I have their garlic press, which is the best garlic press I've used, a Chillzanne bowl, citrus press, ice cream scoop, can opener, and I think that's about it. I, as I'm sure all Home Cooking Chowhounds, have numerous spatulas, whisks, spoons, etc. I absolutely hate all of the stoneware! Does anyone have any recommendations of useful things I can get totaling to around the $68?


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  1. The one thing i bought is the baster that comes with the wire brush to clean it out. The baster is as good as any, but that skinny wire brush comes in handy for a multitude of things. I think it was only around $12 though.

    1. I'm not a huge fan either, but there are a few things I like.

      I really like the pizza stone that I have. I'm assuming that you hate the stonewear dishes? The pizza stone is great, we eat alot of pizza, and the stone is fab for making your own. It's also the only way I'll reheat leftover pizza now, too!

      The funnels are cute. Which reminds me I need funnels.

      I like the cherry/olive pitter I got from PC.

      And I have the prep bowl set too. A small set of six bowls, great for small left overs, prep, etc.

      Good luck and congrats!

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      1. re: geg5150

        Thank you!

        Yeah, my parents have the pizza stone and love it, but it's too heavy for me... I know, I know, I need to work out more, but I am short and little, so it's hard for me to heft that thing around!

        1. re: Katie Nell

          The pizza stone rocks. Yes, it is heavy, but I just leave it in the oven all the time; you can put regular pans on top of it. Or just put stuff on foil, then slide onto the pizza stone (biscuits benefit from this treatment).

          I have some of the other stoneware items, but the only thing I use regularly besides the pizza stone is a stoneware loaf pan. Ordinary loaves are immeasureably improved by this stoneware pan...even flabby banana bread becomes a crispy-crusted wonder when cooked in the stoneware loaf pan.

          The garlic press is pretty good, too. If PC sells an ice cream scoop with an antifreeze compound inside the sealed handle, I'd get that too. I have the Zeroll version, but I think PC makes one too.

          Aside from these things, I can't find much else that's worthwhile in their offerings.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            Actually, the loaf pan is a great idea, because I only have one loaf pan, and how many recipes actually just make dough for one loaf pan?!? I usually just bake in shifts! And a loaf pan can't be *that* heavy! That might be what I go with! Thanks!

          2. re: Katie Nell

            I have no idea how much the stone costs but I'm sure it's more than ordinary unglazed quarry tiles you can buy from Home Depot. They cost around $5 for a box of a dozen or more 6" x 6" tiles. We have 6 in the oven semi-permanently. These are still from the original box we bought about 4 years ago. They are great for baking pastry crusts, cakes, cookies as well as pizza.

            1. re: cheryl_h

              Be careful using these for they may contain lead. I would check with the company that produces them to make sure they are lead-free and approved for cooking food on. Many of the stones you find out there are made in other countries that do not have the same lead-free laws that we have, yet they are imported for sale in the US.

              1. re: kellyemojo

                Lead is contained in the glaze, not the clay. Stoneware bakeware is unglazed, or at least it should be. Earthenware on the other hand is sometimes, if not often, glazed. I believe all of the stoneware on Pampered Chef is unglazed. Could be wrong though.

            2. re: Katie Nell

              Katie Nell, just put that stone on the bottom rack of your oven and leave it there. No need to be taking it out even when using the cleaning cycle.

          3. I love love love my PC garlic press too! I do also have the utility knife from them which comes with (or used to come with) a sharpening sheath, 5" blade. Knives are very personal items, though, I know that; I was able to hold one and test it out at the particular party I was at, so maybe if the hostess brings one, check it out for yourself. It's been a great knife for me, though, I must say.

            1. I know the stones are heavy but they are so good - I even use mine for cookies - you'll never have a cookie that is burnt on the bottom they'll cook evenly all the way through.

              1. I rather like their microwave rice cooker. I think the rice is as good as a conventional rice cooker, but it is much smaller and very easy to clean.

                1. I vote for the rectangular stone and a couple of boxes of baking parchment. The stone never has to come out of the oven, mine hasn't for years, it does even out the heat for all type of baking.

                  Yes, quarry tiles are cheaper but keeping them in place is a pain.

                  1. The only thing I use regularly is the round "sandwich press thing". My kids love it because it seals in the peanut butter and jelly so their hands don't get messy, and it's a lot easier to eat the round little "dumpling" sandwiches.

                    1. Well, after much consideration, I actually came up with a few things I don't have... shocking, I know! I asked for them in this order:
                      1. Stoneware loaf pan (thanks Hungry Celeste... I never remember that I only have one loaf pan until I go to bake bread!)
                      2. Stoneware pie pan, in the Cranberry color (I completely forgot that I don't even own a pie pan! I'm used to being able to use mom's!)
                      3. Nylon ladle (Yep, I'm a weirdo, never had a ladle before!)
                      4. Apple corer

                      1. Hello

                        I love some of the pampered chef stuff, however I am having issues with the stoneware loaf pan.

                        I have made banana bread about 5 different times with this pan, in 2 diferent ovens, and using 3 different recipes. Everytime, the bread is raw in the middle.

                        Last night I attempted it again, and followed every step of the recipe, and still the bread sank in the middle and was raw.

                        Can anyone help me? is it this stupid pan?

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                        1. re: sarbi

                          Have you tried cooking it longer? All ovens vary and the cook times stated in recipes are typically and approximate time. Before stones become well seasoned, cook times can take a few extra minutes. Also, try pre-heating your pan in the oven while mixing the dough.

                          1. re: sarbi

                            Read the brochure that came with the loaf pan (or visit the PC web site), you may have to cook it longer at a lower temp.

                            1. re: sarbi

                              Not the pan's fault by any means. Your recipe just isn't in synch with the pan...try 1)pre-heating the oven at a higher temp than the baking temp and turning it down just after you place the pan inside (like with puff pastry) and 2)baking longer & lower. As for a fallen middle, this sounds more like overmixing so that too much air is incorporated into the bread. You don't want to overblend a quickbread or it will indeed fall flat.

                            2. The small chopper is good
                              But how about the knives to use up the 68.00?

                              1. The medium stoneware bar pan (https://www.pamperedchef.com/ordering...) is nice and is not outrageously heavy. It really does work wonders for cookies, biscuits, bread, etc.

                                The batter bowl (https://www.pamperedchef.com/ordering...) is very handy.

                                I love the ice cream scoop (https://www.pamperedchef.com/ordering...). The glycol or whatever is in the handle really does work very well.

                                And the prep bowls (https://www.pamperedchef.com/ordering...) are just awesome. Heck, you could probably just give me 3 sets of prep bowls and I'd be pretty pleased

                                Most of their serving stuff is nice.

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                                  Yes, I have the batter bowl, and it's great because of the lid it comes with ...

                                  I also like the grid cooling racks, the spoonulas (never enough), the oven mitts, the--what is it? tomato corer? that I use for strawberries, etc. too ... oh, and the push measuring thing for sticky stuff is great.

                                2. Re: Pizza Stone

                                  Mine cracked into pieces when I turned on the broiler without realizing that my husband had put the pizza stone in the oven.

                                  1. micro cooker and all purpose spreader....

                                    1. whattheheckisagarlicpress?
                                      dh's fam threw pc party for us when marrying because we're chefs-- i don't get it either.

                                      that said i like my stonewear bundt pan a lot. it makes really pretty, well-turned cakes. also like the stonewear bar pan (realize this is unhelpful for op--my pizza stone is pro, not PC). the cranked cheese grinder is shoddier than the restaraunt supply's but i use it frequently at home and it hasn't broken yet (3 yrs heavy use). tart pan performs and is a good weight. one really dumb thing (i thought) i got with a couple extra points or whatever is the "cake tester" and as it turns out i use it all the time & i really like it. i like the glass measure/batter bowls with the lid-- very handy for batters and prep too. love the teeny circular mini-whisk for dressings.

                                      pampered chef is mostly a huge ripoff but if you are getting it for free the basic tools, but not the gadgets, are actually pretty decent, imo. i think that the point of the parties is to have fun, so i probably am missing the whole entire premise. . .