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Aug 21, 2006 06:38 PM

Lima, Ohio - food suggestions

Going to be in Lima soon...wondering where to eat. Thoughts?

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  1. Though I've not been there, word from the locals is that the Kewpee burger is a must -- 2111 Allentown Rd.

    1. Kewpee is a local favorite - I'll second the above post. That's about all I can recommend for Lima - it's mostly chains except for that.

      1. KEWPEE,KEWPEE,KEWPEE! i third it. iv'e been there, get breakfast or a burger. supercute. the best diner in ohio even tho they sold the little kewpee off to someone. a classic. it's right downtown you cant miss it.

        1. Kewpee does an above-average fast food burger. The frozen lemonade is very tart and refreshing on a hot day, but if you go, keep in mind the drink sizes are tiny, well below industry standard.

          I haven't tried the pie (never have any room!) but they do offer several different kinds, too.

          1. Oh! I have been to Kewpee! It really is the best fast food imaginable! It is soooo good. I forgot about that. Thanks