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Aug 21, 2006 06:32 PM

Good pastries and coffee in Vancouver?

I'm going to Vancouver this weekend and I've already researched these boards for great dimsum, Indian, and the foods Vancouver is famous for, but I would really love a recommendation for good croissants or other breakfast pastries and good coffee. Something about having a very good, simple breakfast like this really makes me feel like I'm on vacation. We'll be staying at the Sylvia Hotel near Stanley Park, so anywhere in the West End would be best, but I'd be happy to wander Vancouver also.

Thanks a lot!

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    1. Cafe Artigiano - has wonderful coffee's - the latte is by far my favorite. They have a large selection of pastries and other light breakfast choices along with a full menu of salads, soups and panini.

      There are 5 locations in Vancouver with 3 located downtown.

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        Mm yes! I was at the one in Kerrisdale this past weekend on my visit to Vancouver. I had a lovely prosciutto, cheese and artichoke panini and their other desserts and pastries looked delicious. I think the best thing about the one in Kerrisdale on 41st is that if you sit by the window, you can see the Starbucks and Bean Bros across the street and appreciate being in Cafe Artigiano all the more (although I like Bean Bros too).

      2. I haven't tried the coffee, but I love the breads at Tartine. It's a short walk from the Sylvia Hotel from what I remember.