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Aug 21, 2006 06:27 PM

el jarro's new name: "de mole"

a friend just told me that el jarro's name was just recently changed (she was there last night and the waitress told her) to "de mole". she said it was a new "corporation" (whatever that means), but same food, same menu.

please god, i hope it is not new owners that might make changes.

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  1. i can't believe noone has responded to this. el jarro (de mole?) is such a fave on this board!

    1. thanks for the info...please please i hope they still make the same tres leches...

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      1. re: kenito799

        omg---the tres leches. amazing, seriously amazing.
        and you know what i also looove...the ceviche in there. so fresh and crisp! love it.

      2. I was there on Wednesday last week and the signs and menus still said "El Jarro." Same delicious food too...

        But maybe things have changed since then.

        1. this was as of sunday...2 days ago. the sign still said el jarro, but they gave my friend their new business card.

          1. My husband and I were there Sunday and the name was already changed to De Mole. However, all the familiar faces were still there and the food was exactly as good as we remembered. The salsa was actually even better. We didn't try the tres leches cake, but the orange flan was excellent.