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Aug 21, 2006 05:33 PM

Menu Choices at Per Se

This morning I jumped through the hoops and obtained my reservation for Per Se on October 21st.

What is the difference between the 7 course menu and the 9 course chef's tasting menu? They are both $210.

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  1. Go for the 9 course tasting menu. The 7 course gives you choices among courses while the 9 course does not. However, if there is something that you don't like/allergic to, Per Se is very nice and will substitute another dish. In fact sometimes the substituted dish is even better (if possible) than the original dish.

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      Thanks ellenost,
      Are the portions larger with the 7 course menu?

      1. re: Captain Jack

        I don't think there was a difference. IMO, the 9 course is the way to go too. The 7 course willl be great but just imagine it even better (without being a glutton).

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          The portions are a bit larger with the 7 course dinner, but they are not tiny with the 9 course. By the way, if there is a course that you would prefer from the 7 course dinner, Per Se will allow you to substitute the course. (I've done it at least twice.) Enjoy! Please report back after your dinner.

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          Having dined at the French Laundry I'd recommend the 7 only because you can try more dishes.

          If you order the tasting menu you'll have identical courses.

          Keep in mind they'll most likely offer you an amuse when you sit down and one before your chosen dessert. At least that's what they did at the FL.

        3. As the wait staff explained to us, the 9 course has the caviar and foie gras - the 7 course doesnt...

          The course with the foie gras was a choice between 2 dishes; one without that I cannot recall since I got the foie gras.

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            It should be noted that the foie gras option has a supplemental fee which was $30 when I was there.

          2. I'm curious - would you guys say it's worth the exorbitant price???

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                Yes, also because the price now includes service.