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Aug 21, 2006 05:23 PM

High-end chocolate bars?

I'm looking for a few exotic chocolate bars to buy for my husband's birthday. I'd prefer single origin darks, or interesting blends (like Vosges). I'm not looking for grocery store chocolate or major chains like Godiva or Lindt. His birthday is this week, so I don't want to order anything. Anyone have suggestions?


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  1. I just love Scharffen Berger's Nibby Bars. I have found them at Whole Foods.

    1. Ma Petit Shoe in Hampden has amazing chocolate bars!

      1. In NoVa there are two very good places: Daily Planet in Del Ray Alexandria. Wonderful selection: Dagoba, Sharfeen Berger, Vosges. Also, Arrowine in North Arlington - same deal with the selection. You may also want to check out Dean & DeLuca and Balduccis. I suspect Wegmans would also have a good selection but I don't get out there much.

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          I'm pretty sure I saw Vosges chocolate @ Balducci's in Old town. There were also some single origin chocolate bar of some other brand (sorry can't remember which).

        2. Trader Joe's also has a nice selection, generally including some single origin bars.

          1. I really like the Valor chocolate bars with marcona almonds. The ones without almonds are pretty good, too.

            Valor also makes some excellent sugar free bars for folks with diabetes and such.