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Aug 21, 2006 05:20 PM

Best BBQ in the area?

Where do you think I can find the best BBQ in the area? I went to Sweet Lucy's in the Northeast over the weekend and it was really good. I had the beef ribs and they were delicous and tender. I tried some other dishes there (I cannot keep my fork to myself when I am eating out) and also though the brisket and the chicken was really good. Plus they have a great vinegar-y Carolina style sauce. It gets my vote for best in the area, though I have not tried all that many places.

I also like Trax in Ambler. Although not a barbeque place they have great smoky ribs, and a great BBQ pork sandwich for lunch. We also go to Abner's in Jenkintown alot, the meats are pretty good but it is their sides that stand out. Great sweet potatos! I cannot say that I liked Famous Dave's in the Northeast that much. Very chain-like.

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  1. Sweet Lucy's gets my vote. I've tried Phoebe's on South Street, Famous Dave's (you're right - chain-like and uninspired), and the Smoked Joint, and Sweet Lucy's is the winner, hands down.

    1. You're right in pegging Famous Dave's as "chain-like": It IS a chain (though I did like their brisket on Texas toast).

      Sweet Lucy's is absolutely the best BBQ in the area, though. Fantastic brisket, incredible ribs, and terrific homemade mac and cheese that tastes like it was made with real dairy.

      By the way, this is my first post!

      1. Have yet to try Sweet Lucy's (someday, can't wait), but I agree Abner's is excellent. Their ribs are smoked to perfection, spiced well and best of all, dry. Sauces are added at your discretion and all have their merits. I enjoy their smoked chickens also. Brisket is on and off, depends on the day. Funny thing but I'm not a huge fan of Abner's sides, with their cornbread being the only standout. Not bad though. Ribs and chicken vastly outshine the sides IMHO.

        Avoid the Duck Deli in Doylestown. Weak attempt at barbecue.

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        1. re: G Goo

          I don't agree with your vote for Abers at all (although we do agree on many other things G GOO). To me ,a fanatical rib fiend, trained by an Arkansan who sucked on rib bones before he had teeth, Abners are meaty but sterile in texture and flavor with no caramelized edges or depth of flavor and I don't find them smoked to perfection at all. I find their sides to be TOTALLY lackluster. I'm not into " Not Bad" when it comes to soul food (or any food).Too bad Sweet Lucy's is so far away, I concer, it is the best!!!!!!!

          1. re: missclaudy

            Subtle seasoning, excellent smoke flavor while not overshadowing the taste the pork. Smoke and pork, that's what I want with my ribs. The meat is tender yet not so tender it falls off the bone. Missclaudy we totally disagree! Not that there's anything wrong with that. Give it another go....It's in my neighborhood, so I go often, and I've been there on one or two bad rib nights. Maybe you hit one of those nights.

            1. re: G Goo

              I've been there 4 or 5 times as I Jones for barbeque all day every day and I too live a few minutes away. I liked it at first, it was novel. When the sides are that bad, I figure they don't know the difference and THAT says alot. I find those ribs unmemorable and sometimes over or under smoked. I must add that I purchased a smoker for a pitance in a yard sale this summer and my neighbor (another barbeque fiend) and I have been making our own KILLER ribs, chicken amd smoked fish. We make rubs and sauces that are not crazy sweet, we love the Carolina vinegar based sauces. My daughter and I took a solemn vow not to return to Abners after our last depressing visit. Not to mention that that guy at the counter who explains everything to you about their sauce system makes me want to run for the hills!

        2. Lots of love for Sweet Lucy's here.

          More great BBQ, but of the Texas variety, can be found at Tex's BBQ truck, a traveling smoker operating at ever-changing locations in the area. We found them one day by our noses while driving back to Philly from Zern's Market.

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          1. re: gina

            Gina, if I track down that truck what do you recommend? Can I assume Texas style BBQ brisket is the way to go?

            1. re: joypirate

              I usually go for ribs and other meats before sliced brisket when eating BBQ, so I can't say for sure if the brisket would be the way to go at the truck. I do highly recommend the ribs--meaty, and a little crispy, with spicy Texas-style sauce optional. I did try the chopped beef, which is delicious, as is the pulled pork.

          2. Fat Jack's in Clementon is the best within a half hour of Center City. Great smoked brisket, pork and beef ribs, and a large selection of delicious sides. Sweet Lucy's pulled pork is better than Fat Jack's, but Fat Jack's ribs and brisket are the best.