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Aug 21, 2006 05:16 PM

Good ethnic eats in Pasadena


Trying to find a tasty, inexpensive to moderately priced restaurant in the Pasadena area for dinner tonight. I've seen several posts for Saladang and Saladang Song (sounds like Song is more our style), Chandra, and Kuala Lumpur. Can go for other non-Asian flavors as well. Prefer more authentic flavors rather than americanized flavors. Any suggestions?


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    1. re: ipsedixit

      I second the nod for Azeen's - excellent food. My general rule when eating there is 'the more people the better' because their menu is set up in such as a way as to promote ordering a couple sides and a couple of mains to share. So It's not something I veert towards when only two people are eating

    2. If you like Indian cuisine, try Mezbaan on Fair Oaks, just north of Colorado by 1.5 blocks, on the east side (between McMurphy's and Dominico's.) Excellent Indian food. I'm sure there are better Indian restaurants but not in the Pasadena area. I've tried them all and I keep returning to Mezbaan's. Keep in mind that it's Monday and some mom and pop places, are closed on Mondays; do call first.

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      1. re: Joe

        Thanks, I'll keep those two in mind.

      2. I really liked the Crepe Vine in Pasadena. So much so that I went there twice on my last LA vacation - once for the seafood crepe and again for the duck. Just tell them to go easy on the salt.

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        1. re: Patricia

          that is so funny, because I went to Crepe Vine the week it opened and our complaint was that it was bland and really needed more salt! Looks like they still have some kinks to work out...

          1. I second Mezbaan for Indian. I'd also say that I like PresidentTwo Thai (above Europane on Colorado) better than any of the Saladangs. But the best ethinic food of any kind in Pasadena is probably Tonny's for cenaduria (diner) style Mexican on Orange Grove and Lake. it's open 24 hrs, cheap and they make fresh squeezed juices and aqua frescas not to mention killer food (just avoid the al pastor).