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Aug 21, 2006 04:50 PM

Good bar food in Center City/Old City/South Street - Group of 10

I'm meeting up with about 10 friends (all guys) next weekend downtown. We are looking for better than average bar food in an atmosphere where we can be a little loud. We're staying at the Lowes but willing to take cabs anywhere not too far.

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  1. Monks Cafe (belgian beer, great frites and sausages) might take reservations for a party of 10, not sure. Meets your criteria though they might not be wild about the requisite amount of cursing whenever 10 men gather (or at least requisite in my personal experience).

    I'd also add:
    Ten Stone, food not quite as good as Monks but still pretty tasty (if you order well), comparably interesting beer selection. A bit more out of the way, 21st and South, they've got an alcove near the pool table that would fit you perfectly.

    Chaucer's might not be a bad choice either, they'd probably let you run the upstairs, food is decent but not really destination food. Burgers are better than average.

    Good Dog is delicious and probably has as good if not better food than Monks but I'm having a hard time remembering if they could fit 10 guys in their upstairs area. They really can't downstairs. The burger w/molten Roquefort center is worth the trip from wherever you're coming.

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      Upstairs at Good Dog has plenty of room for 10--just push a few of the tables together (maybe ask first).

      Society Hill Hotel in Old City also has great food (a bit more upscale than Good Dog) and beer selection, and will put tables together for large groups. Probably a good idea to call ahead.

    2. Monk's - great for a group if you can shoehorn your way in. Fantastic beer selection. Belgians and otherwise. Good food.
      Nodding Head - Good food, great beer, walking distance (1500 block of Sansom)
      Ludwig's Garten - Within walking distance to the Lowes. German food and beer
      Race Street Cafe - Old City bar with outside seating.
      Fergies - Irish dive bar. Fun place. Again w/in walking distance

      1. i personally love charlie's pub on 3rd st a couple blocks north of market in old city. it's out of the way of the big crowds, totally unpretensious and the food is damn good. i ordered the tilapia off the specials menu a couple weekends ago and it was to die for, unlike anything i've ever had with mushrooms and a creamy creole-like sauce and brown sugar rice on the side. people couldn't stop eating off of my plate! they're several levels above dive-bar status but aren't quite as pricey as the neighboring watering holes. pleasantly dark inside and they have pool tables in the back.

        1. Monk's- Hamburgers are unreal and the beer selection will not dissappoint. Only problem may be the wait for a table for 10. Good luck!

          1. If you want a fun atmosphere, the Mexican Post is always good to people watch, rock out the jukebox and drink. The chow is mediocre with the fajitas being the best thing on the menu. The happy hour menu is decent. It's better if you drink a lot first, it makes the food taste better. Otherwise, maybe Kildare's on Second?

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              Do you mean the chicken fajitas? I tried the steak fajitas once, and they were not very good--dry and not what I'd call tasty.

              My fiance and I used to go occasionally for tacos and margaritas, but even the tacos seem to have gone downhill. The margaritas are still pretty good, though. :)