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Aug 21, 2006 04:48 PM

ATL date spot recs!

Hi Atlanta chows, I'm a second year grad student from out of town, and have therefore been out of the food loop since last April/May. I'm hearing some buzz about new developments that have happened over the past spring/summer? I need to pick a restaurant for a nice dinner this weekend, but feel out of touch! Could anyone that has been to some of these new restaurants share their experiences (older restaurant recs are great too, if you love them)!

To provide you with a starting point: Some of the greats I've tried & loved so far have been the VINE, Joel, Pura Vida, and Rathbun's.

I would particulary love to hear any recs regarding: Ecco, Eno, Enoteca Carbonari....

Thanks guys!

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  1. Ecco - was there Monday night. Take a coat, they keep the temperature (at least that night) cold enough to make snow cones. The meats and cheeses from the appetizer list are really, really good. Even my Italian wife - who spends way too much time thinking about such things - was impressed. The rest of the dinner was very good, though nothing to dream of - and the service was efficient and professional. Very hip vibe, and a nice bar for a drink or apps.

    Eno - I'm not a fan. I accept that many others are, but I just don't find the food anything that special, and while the wine list is extensive (and relatively expensive) I've yet to find a wine so good that I'had to make a note of it. Maybe I need to go back, have not been in a while.

    Enotecca - Great place for a date, as long as she eats meat - the menu doesn't offer much for vegetarians. Intimate setting, wonderful aromas coming off the grill, and a good selection of moderately priced wines.

    1. Gotta reccomend Aria on East Paces Ferry. Very romantic and with great food to boot. My wife and I love it for romantic engagements.

      A little bit old school 90's is the Sundial on top of the Westin downtown. Yea the food is just nice hotel but the view is one of the best.

      Also try Canoe now that it has cooled off a bit. When you reserve ask for a window or patio seat. The food is very good even though they changed chefs a year ago (Gary Mennie opened Taurus) and the best part is the walk in the garden before dessert.