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Aug 21, 2006 04:47 PM

Seeking Good Eats Near 52nd & Park.

Like Eggsbenny03, I just started a new job last week and it brings me to a new part of Midtown. Yes, the Four Seasons is right down the block, but I am not a Master of the Universe, and interesting takeout is more my speed.

I love just about any cuisine, and I have no attitude about food from a cart; As long as it's excellent, I'm there. Cheap would be nice, but hey, it's Midtown.

Any and all tips from fellow 'Hounds would be appreciated!

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  1. I work in the area and enjoy Chop't, Fresco on the Go (expensive, but so good) and Hale & Hearty......there is a ton of stuff on the Lexington and 3rd Avenue areas....not much on Park. Oh, and the Cafe at St. Bart's is nice.

    1. Try Zip Burger on 52nd & 2nd. Good burger & Fries take-out or eat in.

      1. Just tried Pampano Taqueria today. It's on 3rd btw. 50th and 49th on the bottom floor of the Crystal Pavillion.

        There's also an Indian food cart on 53rd and park that is not bad, and the Daisy May's BBQ cart on 47th and Park is great.

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          1. Our Place Shanghai Tea Garden for chinese.

            Lenny's for sandwiches.