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Aug 21, 2006 04:42 PM

Five best European food stalls

As ranked by the UK Guardian newspaper on Saturday, 12 August 2006.
What are other people's experiences ??? I can verify that the Reykjavik hot dog stand is teriffic !!!

Five best European food stalls

1. Scotland
Aware of the current obsession with wheat-free, low-GI, low-calorie diets, one young Scotsman has hit upon a simple but clever idea - take-away porridge. Stoats Porridge Bars serve pots of porridge with various toppings - from brown sugar and cream to white chocolate and roasted hazelnut - from a cute stainless steel trailer at markets and festivals.

2. Reykjavik

Baejarins Beztu Pylsur (City's Best Hotdogs) is a fast-food institution down by the harbour. It's reckoned almost every Icelander has eaten a hotdog at this neon-signed kiosk, and even Bill Clinton chowed down here on his visit in 2004. The secret's in the sauce, apparently, a confection called remoladi, which tops off the usual staples of fried onions, raw onions, steaming dog, ketchup and mustard.
· Pósthússtræti, Reykjavik.

3. Athens

Breakfast in Athens is a cappuccino and koulouri (sesame-studded bread ring) eaten on the hoof. You'll find koulouri and sugary "donats" at street stalls all over town but it's the all-night Koulouria Bakery in Psyrri (Karaiskaki 23) that late-night revellers head to.

4. Nice

Eating in France doesn't have to mean long, heavy meals. If you're after a snack in Nice, look for one of the many stands selling socca, a thin pancake made from chickpea flour and cooked on copper plates in wood-burning ovens. Check out the Chez Thérésa stall at the flower market in the old town (Cours Saleya).

5. Istanbul

When the bars kick out, Istanbulites make for Ortakoy with its many street stalls. The popular dish here is midye tava - basically a fried mussel sandwich. Sounds odd, tastes delicious. They slice open a baguette, fill it with just fried mussels and cover it in a garlic, bread and walnut sauce. Makes a change from kebabs.

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  1. Nice post. I love food stalls. The sausage sandwiches at the outdoor market in Munich are my favorite. (Can't remember the German word for outdoor market. but it's the one not far from the Glockenspiel, the one tourists visit.

    I still prefer, however, the great grilled chicken they sell across Thailand.

    1. Viktualien Markt in Munich is great. I'm embarassingly fond of the Wurst stand at the train station there as well.

      1. Does Hallo Berlin on the corner of W.54th by 5th Ave. in Manhattan count?

        1. I am surprised the tripe stands in Florence did not make the list.

          Actually, this list could be a LOT longer, methinks.

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          1. re: debit

            My first thought upon seeing this list was also puzzlement at the exclusion of the tripe stands in Florence, especially the one near the Piazza Lorenzo Ghirbeti. I suspect the folks at the UK Guardian may be tripe-a-phobes.

          2. Absolutely - that's what us Chowhounds are here for !!!!