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Aug 21, 2006 04:29 PM

'Takara' Restaurant in SD Mitsuwa closed!

I was shocked when I entered the SD Mitsuwa on Sunday to see the bustling Takara restaurant hollow, vacant, and dark. This was the only place that I know of serving Takoyaki (and thus satisfying my perennial craving) in San Diego.

I asked a kid I frequently talk to -who works at mitsuwa- what happened. Apparently the owner decided to retire and not sell the place. It was always jammin when I was there, so I cannot believe this. He said two new restaurants were going to be moving in. I am crossing my fingers for a Santoka Ramen.

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  1. My wife had takoyaki this weekend at Yakitori Yakyudori, on 6th Ave in Hillcrest.

    She opined that this was far, FAR better than the takoyaki at Takara.

    1. You used to be able to get takoyaki at Teriyaki Cowboy, but I'm not sure if that item will carry over onto the new Izakaya Masa menu.

      I know a guy who worked at Takara, so I'll have to see what he's doing now.