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Aug 21, 2006 04:12 PM

Bacon-Wrapped Hotdog

Okay, for lunch I'm in the mood for a bacon-wrapped hotdog with all the fixins. Without having to endlessly drive up and down the street, where in the downtown LA area can I reliably locate a vendor? The garment district?

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  1. The garment district? '

    BINGO! Especially around lunch time in and around the Santee Alley. :)


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    1. yep, they are a staple in both the garment and toy districts.

      1. Wed farmers mkt on 5th btwn Flower & Grand, 11 - 3.

        1. In garment district, right in front of and around Michael Levine:

          Michael Levine, Inc.
          920 Maple Ave - Los Angeles, CA 90015

          You should be able to find two or three vendors on that one block.

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          1. re: ickster

            Sweet...I had dos con todo and a Hawaiian punch from the cart across the street from there. $6.50.

          2. Today I went back to the same hotdog location across from Michael Levine. They didn't have the bacon-wrapped dogs. I drove up and down the fashion district and all the carts had were plain dogs. Argh!

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            1. re: NinoHB714

              Hmm, weird. Undependable hotdog carts?? I had my first bacon wrapped hotdog from a cart in front of Michael Levine's, mmmmmm.