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Bacon-Wrapped Hotdog

Okay, for lunch I'm in the mood for a bacon-wrapped hotdog with all the fixins. Without having to endlessly drive up and down the street, where in the downtown LA area can I reliably locate a vendor? The garment district?

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  1. The garment district? '

    BINGO! Especially around lunch time in and around the Santee Alley. :)


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    1. yep, they are a staple in both the garment and toy districts.

      1. Wed farmers mkt on 5th btwn Flower & Grand, 11 - 3.

        1. In garment district, right in front of and around Michael Levine:

          Michael Levine, Inc.
          920 Maple Ave - Los Angeles, CA 90015

          You should be able to find two or three vendors on that one block.

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            Sweet...I had dos con todo and a Hawaiian punch from the cart across the street from there. $6.50.

          2. Today I went back to the same hotdog location across from Michael Levine. They didn't have the bacon-wrapped dogs. I drove up and down the fashion district and all the carts had were plain dogs. Argh!

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              Hmm, weird. Undependable hotdog carts?? I had my first bacon wrapped hotdog from a cart in front of Michael Levine's, mmmmmm.

            2. Are these the same folks who have the cart at the Studio City Farmer's Mkt on Sundays?

              1. On Saturday and Sunday, they are all over the Fashion District. I was there the last two weekends running and saw at least a dozen carts on Maple, Olympic, Santee (Street, not Alley) and Los Angeles. The neighborhood strongly smelled of the onions and bacon from those carts.

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                  That to me is what heaven will smell like... Hmmm... :)