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Aug 21, 2006 04:02 PM

Dick & Jenny's is Great

ok - everyone probably already knows this, but dick & jenny's is a fantastic place!

we went on saturday night at about 9. they told us it would be 1-1.5 hours wait . . . but turned out to only be 1/2 hour!

i ordered the (kinda blackened) catfish with jambalaya grits and gulf shrimp. this was outstanding. the flavors were perfect. the fish was cooked just right. the gulf shrimp added a real depth to the dish. and the grits were very tasty.

my so had the pork loin with cornbread stuffing. he liked his a lot as well.

the prices were also really pretty good. we had 3 cocktails, two mains, and an app. for around $62.

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  1. D&J's has always been in my personal top 5... love the informal atmosphere, the ever-changing menu, and the attention to quality. and you're right about the high QPR (quality-price ratio). The last time I was there i ended up making a meal on several appetizers... they're always great.