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Candy Apples? Today!

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Sudddenly a favorite niece leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow morning has always wanted to try a candy apple (and of course mentions this AFTER going to Wonderland).

Is there any place downtown or perhaps along the subway line where that is easily found?

I know that the CNE has them and I believe the Nutty Chocolatier on Queen West has them too but my schedule may not allow me to go to the far west side (I'm just on TTC).

Any ideas anywhere else around Toronto are appreciated.

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  1. There is a chocolate store on the lower level of First Canadian Place (scross from the Kitchen Table) that does candy apples. Not sure if they do the traditional bright red candy, but they definitely do gourmet chocolate covered apples.

    1. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the Market Place in first Canadian place King and Bay St (416) 861-2475

      1. Yes! I have never so glad to be part of this board - I'm at work near the Toronto Eaton Centre so it's extremely convenient. Thank you both so very much for the immediate help - I just called them and they have both varieties of candy apples (caramel and sugar shell each @ $3) along with 'more extravagant choices' which I will go see.

        1. So I ended up taking a frenzied cab ride to the place only to find out they didn't have the normal red candied Apples 'today'. They had all these weird chocolate, marshmallow, caramel ones but NO plain candy shell ones even though I CALLED earlier and confirmed there were. Goodness.

          1. Outside the eaton's Centre Yonge and Dundas or araound city hall there maybe a old style Popcorn vender they sell Candy apples to

            1. There's also another Rocky Mountain in Vaughn Mills if you live near there.

              1. How disappointing after all your effort! After posting a response to you that morning I walked past to see if they did have the red candy apples and there were three sitting on the back counter that looked like they had just been made so they definitely had them at some point that day. You'd think they might have set one aside for you since you had called ahead!

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                  Well the niece was easy enough to placate (I ended up getting a toy from one of those mechanical claw machines at the movie we went to). Goes to show you just need to ask for something to be put on hold if you really need it instead of just assuming.

                  Still for a place that seemed to really feature the candy apple it seems odd to me that they didn't have any of the 'normal' kind on a weekday in August. Insert your own analogy of "It's like when an THING place runs out of THING!"

                2. Well to be fair - sometimes it's a comforting sign when a vendor runs out of their "goods". Like at a bakery (like Thuet for example) who runs out of croissant by 10am on Sunday! Sorry... I do feel your anguish though.

                  I will always remember my very first candy apple! It wasn't one of those fairground ones... this was a beautiful chocolate dipped and drizzled apple my aunt brought back from NYC. It came in a big red box (Saks I think) with a ribbon! I sliced it ever so finely and I savored every little piece. =)