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Indian food in South Etobicoke

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Does anyone know any good Indian restaraunt in South Etobicoke (Queensway & Islington area)?

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  1. Chutney's is not bad... it's around Bloor & Islington, I believe. Only ever had it delivered.

    Sadly, a really good one near Queensway and Islington closed within the last little while. Forget the name.... was right neer Blockbuster on the Queensway between Royal York and Islington.

    1. It was called Swaad and yes they had a real nice buffet. Butter Chicken was the best. Haven't found a good restaurant since. Will check out Chutney's

      1. I would avoid Chutney's, the butter chicken was awful the last time I ordered it. I'm still looking for good Indian in South Etobicoke.

        1. I know this isn't quite south Etobicoke, but at Dundas near Keele there's a place called Curry Twist that is fantastic.

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            I second Curry Twist. It's in our 'hood and we're regulars.

          2. Avoid Chutney's on Bloor...it's awful. What a waste of money.

            Also disliked the take-out from Curry Twist. Small portions and lacking in quality and taste.

            Will try Everest in Mimico soon - their take-out menu looks good - lots of South Indian influence and atypical offerings. I will keep my fingers crossed but I'm not going to have high expectations.
            I am going to venture to Mississauga one of these days as well.

            1. Chutneys is, in my opinion, some of the best indian I've had in toronto. I've travelled extensively in india and find this very high quality, and very authentic. we often order at 4:50 and pick up around 530. if you get your order in between 4 and 5 you get 35% off. Our favourites are the beef bhuna and the chicken kalimurch (sp?) is absolutely to die for.

              have been to everest, it was good but prefer chutneys. wish i'd tried swaad before it closed.

              The buffets in miss are great, i wish there was a bombay palace or tandoori grill place nearby. both are on dixie, bp just north of the 407 and tg about 5 min north. both all you can eat, lunch around 12-13 bucks, both a steal.

              1. The last time we ate at Everest on lakeshore it was good.