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Aug 21, 2006 03:38 PM

Indian food in South Etobicoke

Does anyone know any good Indian restaraunt in South Etobicoke (Queensway & Islington area)?

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  1. Chutney's is not bad... it's around Bloor & Islington, I believe. Only ever had it delivered.

    Sadly, a really good one near Queensway and Islington closed within the last little while. Forget the name.... was right neer Blockbuster on the Queensway between Royal York and Islington.

    1. It was called Swaad and yes they had a real nice buffet. Butter Chicken was the best. Haven't found a good restaurant since. Will check out Chutney's

      1. I would avoid Chutney's, the butter chicken was awful the last time I ordered it. I'm still looking for good Indian in South Etobicoke.

        1. I know this isn't quite south Etobicoke, but at Dundas near Keele there's a place called Curry Twist that is fantastic.

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            I second Curry Twist. It's in our 'hood and we're regulars.

          2. The original comment has been removed