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Aug 21, 2006 02:29 PM

Nutella alternatives

Lookig for Nutella alternatives. As good as Nutella is, I know
there are some better spreads available, possibly some Italian brands. What are they and which stores carry them?

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  1. Merenda, a brand from Greece and a "Cocoa Hazelnut" spread found at Trader Joe's (product or Turkey) are both Excellent!

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    1. re: Gastronomos

      I picked up the TJ's Cocoa Hazelnut last weekend - this stuff is SO good!

    2. If someone could make a suggestion of a product that doesn't contain peanuts, that would be awesome. Nutella has peanut oil in it.

      1. It has been reported on this board that Italy-produced Nutella is far superior to that made here in the states.

        Does anyone have a source for the Italian Nutella?

        1. I picked it up at a specialty candy store (Dairy Fresh Candies in Boston). It really is better than what's commonly available here. It comes in a glass jar and the nutrition info is in Italian.

          1. There is a cocoa hazelnut spread from Trader Joes that is pretty good, and I believe that it doesn't contain peanut oil.

            And, of course, there are those delicious spreads (mentioned in another post) from Le Pain Quotidien. They have a chocolate hazelnut one, and also one that's just hazelnut. Yum.

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            1. re: jacinthe

              The indredients for the TJ's version are: sugar, hazelnuts, sunflower and hazelnut oils, cocoa powder, whey powder, milk powder, soy lecithin.