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Nutella alternatives

Lookig for Nutella alternatives. As good as Nutella is, I know
there are some better spreads available, possibly some Italian brands. What are they and which stores carry them?

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  1. Merenda, a brand from Greece and a "Cocoa Hazelnut" spread found at Trader Joe's (product or Turkey) are both Excellent!

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      I picked up the TJ's Cocoa Hazelnut last weekend - this stuff is SO good!

    2. If someone could make a suggestion of a product that doesn't contain peanuts, that would be awesome. Nutella has peanut oil in it.

      1. It has been reported on this board that Italy-produced Nutella is far superior to that made here in the states.

        Does anyone have a source for the Italian Nutella?

        1. I picked it up at a specialty candy store (Dairy Fresh Candies in Boston). It really is better than what's commonly available here. It comes in a glass jar and the nutrition info is in Italian.

          1. There is a cocoa hazelnut spread from Trader Joes that is pretty good, and I believe that it doesn't contain peanut oil.

            And, of course, there are those delicious spreads (mentioned in another post) from Le Pain Quotidien. They have a chocolate hazelnut one, and also one that's just hazelnut. Yum.

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              The indredients for the TJ's version are: sugar, hazelnuts, sunflower and hazelnut oils, cocoa powder, whey powder, milk powder, soy lecithin.

            2. i think i've seen one at world market next to the normal nutella, but I can't be sure. The nutella they carry is made in the states and has partially hydrogenated oil, however they also carry little individual packs which I have only ever seen in Europe otherwise. Maybe you could check the ingredients on the little packages?

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                thanks, I'll check Cost Plus (sorry, can't get used to 'Wld Mkt')

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                  What oil/fat do the European versions use? It may not work to simply use a liquid oil, since that might be too runny or separate (like unprocessed peanut butter). Cocoa butter might work. I believe European manufacturers use more tropical fats than American ones - these are semisolid at room temperature.


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                    I looked at the ingredients of a Dutch hazelnut spread that 99 Ranch carries. Like the US Nutella, oil and sugar are the top ingredients. It doesn't list partially hydrogenated peanut oil (as the US Ferrero version does), but still has an unspecified emulsifier. It gives the cocoa content as 5%, and hazelnut content as 2%.


                2. Bernard Callebaut has a wonderful hazelnut spread; much prefer it to Nutella (as good as Nutella is). They are a Canadian company but I think they may ship to the U.S. (if that's where you are).