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Aug 21, 2006 02:28 PM

Good Eats in Anchorage, AK?

We will be in Anchorage in mid-September for several days and are interested in good, casual to upscale casual, non-touristy places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All cuisines are fine, especially interested in excellent and fresh seafood. We will have a car to get around town.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.


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  1. The "cruising Alaska" thread a bit further down has some suggestions you might check out.

    1. You must try Jen's Restaurant in Anchorage. I would call it upscale/casual - fresh fish, etc. Doesn't look like much on the outside - in a strip mall. The inside is quite charming, the food was great, and you absolutely have to have the special dessert which is a Danish berry pudding. To die for!

      1. Jen's is a very solid rec, a local spot of quality for years.

        My other suggestions are below on the cruising thread.

        1. There are a bunch of good places to eat in and around town.
          For breakfast try “The Snow City Café”. It’s very popular with locals and tourists. They usually have a few excellent baked goods, and the pancakes are great. I’ve never had a bad meal their.
          For lunch try “Nobel’s Diner.” I love this place because it’s small, local, Chef Rob and his wife are wonderful people, and the food is good.
          And at last for dinner take a beautiful half-hour drive out to Girdwood for one of two great possibilities. My first choice would be “The Double Musky Inn.” This restaurant is almost universally considered the best restaurant around. Their food is very tasty and the portions are huge. I recommend the pepper steak or the crab stuffed halibut. They don’t take reservations, so try to get there early. Then again, it’s also really nice to sit in the bar and just have a few appetizers and a cup of gumbo. The cajun mushrooms are fantastic.
          But if the Musky is too busy, give “Maxine’s” a try. The food is fun and tasty. And the restaurant itself will give you a nice feel of the quirkiness of Girdwood.

          1. I just spent three weeks in Anchorage and the best dining experience I had was at Kincaid Grill. Truly great food and good wine list. Marx Brothers was a bit disappointing, but the wine list is exceptional (lots of good half bottles). Definitely check out Jens' and Sacks. ORSO for dessert is worth the trip as well.