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NW Blackberries - a gallon! What would you do?

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Just got off the red-eye from Seattle with a gallon of fresh picked blackberries, now a bit too squishy to eat plain. What would you make with them? I'm deciding between freezer jam, ice cream, or a crisp. I have not ever cooked with blackberries before. Any suggestions/recipes/votes?

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  1. The thing I miss most about living in Seattle is blackberries! Fresh blackberries everywhere this time of year.

    I also miss making jam from them every year(do does all of my family who looked forward to getting some each year as well)...so I vote for jam.

    As well as a peach/blackberry pie.


    1. Pie, yes pie.

      Also, duck breast with blackberries. Blackberry ice cream.

      1. Pie. Cobbler. Sauces for meat. Compote for winner. They freeze and can well. You can freeze pie filling without the pastry and slip in the filling later.

        1. Blackberry dumplings...mmm! Cook the berries in a big dutch oven with a little water and lots of sugar (depends on how sweet the berries are to begin with). Make a dumpling dough (like a biscuit dough, but much, much softer/wetter) seasoned with a little cinnamon & cloves. When the berries have cooked down into a syrupy consistency, drop spoonfuls of the dumpling dough into the boiling berries. Clap on the lid, cook for 8-10 minutes, then take the lid off and GENTLY turn the dumplings over; cook another 8-10 minutes or until cooked through. Note: I always cook a "test dumpling" as the length of cooking time can vary depending on the consistency of the dough.

          Note: if your cooked berries yield a large volume of syrupy juice, you can reserve some of the mixture for a future batch; just take out the reserved amount before you start to cook the dumplings.

          1. Martha Stewart's Blackburry Carbernet jello. It is amazingly delicious.

            You don't need to be as precise in the recipe. Only one packet of gelatin is necessary instead of one packet and one teaspoon. Same with the sugar, 1/4 cup is fine.

            1. I had blackberry milkshakes with Tillamook ice cream every day I was in Portland. Oh, for a shake now! It's actually best with frozen berries, a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, and just enough milk to make your blender work. Even if your berries are a bit squishy you could freeze a tray of them and freeze in a bag for future shakes.

              And yes, you use up TONS of berries this way.

                1. Freeze the extras that you don't use. Rinse gently, lay them on paper towels on a baking sheet, and freeze them, then put them into a ziploc bag. I do this with fruits and vegetables that I'll be craving when the cold weather comes and I get tired of root vegetables, pears and greens.

                  1. When I pick blackberries here in Tennessee, I freeze them in quart size bags. As long as you feel the berries are clean, there's no need to rinse, especially since in your case you'd lose a lot of juice. Just put them in the bag and then the freezer. But before you do that, make the pie -- if you were Southern, you'd use them all in cobblers over the next few weeks, if not for jam.

                    1. Puree them through a food mill (with the fine disc) and freeze the puree in roughly 8-ounce portions. Then you can have fresh berry ice cream or sorbet in February!

                      1. Make liqueur:

                        1 cup water
                        3 cups 80 proof vodka
                        3 cups white sugar
                        3 cups ripe blackberries
                        Shake together the water, vodka and sugar to dissolve sugar.
                        Gently mix together with the blackberries, taking care not to cut or crush the berries.
                        Leave to infuse about 10-12 days until the berries have lost most of their color.
                        Pour thru a fine strainer and discard the berries.

                        1. jam or blackberry vodka- my mom used to make both....

                          1. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. We had a friend from Seattle over for dinner, and he demanded blackberry pie... and we used all the berries! It was awesome. I'm just about ready to move to the NW for all those blackberries. We just tossed them with a bit of sugar, some lemon juice, and some thickener, baked it, let it cool, and ate it with homemade delicious vanilla ice cream. It was a perfect combination and absolutely fabulous! I highly recommend fresh blackberry pie.