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Aug 21, 2006 02:25 PM

Black beans in London?

Anyone know of a place to buy dry or canned black beans in London? Preferably in the north or north-eastern part of the city, but I am desperate enough to travel. Thanks!

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  1. Last month I saw some Mexican foods on the shelves at Partridges' in Duke of York Square on King's Road. Good luck.

    1. If you are not desperate to have them tomorrow, I can bring you a couple of lbs. dried black beans in early October

      1. Thanks, especially for the offer to haul some back for me. After some more research yesterday I discovered that Waitrose has just started stocking them.

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        1. just fyi, i have tried the dried and canned black beans at waitrose and sainsbury, and neither have the consistency of those available in america. i have searched diligently for the past 6 years.... i finally ordered from lupe pintos, in edinburgh, and also from a small mexican caterer in se london , . incidentally, that company cooks and delivers authentic, very decent (much better than any other we have had in london) meals every friday.

          1. Thanks! Although the Waitrose beans were Ok for what I was using them for, I agree that the consistency was weird (very mushy). Thanks for the tip.