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Aug 21, 2006 02:07 PM

Polish bakery, Polish rye bread

I'm looking for a good Polish rye. I know there's a good Polish bakery somewhere in Greenpoint, but I can't remember exactly where. Anyone..?

-- Paul

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  1. Oh do I miss Moshe's...
    but Syrena up on (I'm sorry, I think) Norman and Kingsland. That is a very good bakery.

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    1. Syrena is definitely the place to go, and just to clarify, it's at Norman and Humboldt.

      1. There is a little Polish bakery on North 7th between Bedford and Berry that sells rye bread. I have been very pleased with their whole wheat rye.

        1. There are tons of great bakeries in Greenpoint but I've not yet found a truly great rye. For years I've been meaning to go to a bakery that Ed Levine wrote about in his book. It is in Williamsburg and it is called J.E.R. Bakery:

          155 Division Street