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Aug 21, 2006 01:27 PM

Una Pizza Napoletana

Fri night my wife and I went to Una Pizza Napoletana to try for ourselves one of the most disputed Pizza places in NYC. This place seems to be either loved or hated. And I will say, if you are going to Una Pizza Napoletana to get a pie with all the toppings, you will hate it. If you are going to experience what a singular expression of Napoletana pizza is with the FINEST preparation and ingredients then I agree that it is one of the finest. I would only compare it with Di Fara in terms of quality. They are both excellent and I would lean towards Di Fara for the only reason that you have more diversity. But getting to Di Fara is another story...Una Pizza Napoletana was wonderful and I cannot get over the ABSOLUTE dedication that Anthony has partaken in the preparation of each and EVERY pizza. Sure it is expensive but at the end of the day I would much rather spend my money on something that I know is being created by a singular person who puts all his attention to each order rather than some other place that is more concerned with turn over than the absolute art of pizza making.

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  1. What did you order? Your review, while appreciated, is pretty broad. Any specific recs? Thanks.

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      There are only 4 pizzas to order:
      Marinara-tomato/olive oil/oregano/garlic/basil/salt
      Margherita-as above w/mozzarella di bufala
      Bianca-as above minus the tomato
      Filetti-as Margherita w/cherry tomatoes

      We ordered the Margherita and the Filetti. Surprising different given the similarities. Cherry tomatoes and fresh garlic are differences yet pizzas took a life of their own.

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      1. Never been, but would like to know more about the experience.

        Did you have to wait long? When did you go? Is it still BYO? As you know, they close when they run out -- how did this impact your decision-making?

        Can you be more specific about the differences between the Margherita and the Filetti?