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Aug 21, 2006 12:51 PM

Japanese in SONO, CT

Has anyone tried the new place CHI? We are groupies at Kazu , although the Times just gave CHI a good review I'm doubtful - looks overpriced and I have been to the othe restaurant in Nyack Wasbi ( same owners as CHI) and thought it was very Americanized Japanese - Interested to hear from people that have eaten at CHI--thanks!

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  1. Pleasantly surprised. Perhaps a little overpriced, but I think that goes with the area. I was also doubtful, came in with the low expectaions of a new restaurant on a corner with such high turnover. But we came out very happy with our meal. Overall quality of food and taste was very good to excellent. Service was relaxed, but we weren't in any rush. We ordered to share, so I was happy to sample a variety of flavors. This was several weeks ago, but what I remember: the fried dumplings were excellent, crispy, fresh. The vegetarian dumplings were not as crisp (in a spinach dough wrapper), but good, for vegetable dumplings. I preferred the pork. The ceviche-style appetizer (with tuna, salmon, and yellowtail) was also very tasty; a nice balance of zesty citrus and spring onions and cilantro. The fried rock shrimp had a little kick to it. I didn't try the miso soup, but heard it was good. Spicy tuna roll and several other specialty rolls were well presented, also very nice. Worth giving a try. Curious to hear what other folks think, but I would go back.

    1. A friend who lives in Nyack says that Wasabi is consistent, good enough, but over-priced. My daughter went to Wasabi Chi recently and dropped $95 on a very light dinner for two, with no booze, but she enjoyed it.

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        I believe groupies go to Kazu. If you want a Nobu experience Wasabi Chi is the closet there is....

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          We love Wasabi Chi, have been there many times. We always order small plates and share with everyone. The Tuna Millenium is our favorite dish, but we also love the pork dumplings, miso cod, soba noodles with crispy sea bass and plum sauce, wasabi calamari...I could go on. We never order the sushi because the other dishes are so unique to this area and we can get good sushi at so many other places. I do see many other tables ordering the sushi and it does look good, I highly recommend Wasabi Chi!