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Aug 21, 2006 11:00 AM

i need a yummy portable dessert- with no gluten, dairy, or eggs!

fruit papillotes just aren't going to cut it...i need something resembling a cake/cookie/pastry.

i've been taking a french pastry class, and bringing my products in to share with my co-workers....except for one gluten-dairy-egg-intolerant fellow. he felt so left out that he gave me his "gluten-free desserts" cookbook to look through and see if i could work anything out for him. of course, ALL the recipes use eggs.

first...does anybody have any delicious tricks that they've worked with nut pastes, nut flours, or chocolates? (he can have sugar and non-dairy choc) i'd prefer to go to the whole-foods minimally-processed route if i can, just for my own sensibilities, but, i'm beginning to think that's not an option.

second...speaking of non-whole foods, has anyone had success using butter substitutes or egg substitutes with recipes already modified to use GF flours?

third---do you have a delicious gluten-lactose-egg-free pastry recipe that you want to share?

will report back after i try to make something!

thanks so much!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Raspberry-Almond Torte Cookies.

        preheat oven to 375 F.

        get ready in a bowl (just use food processor bowl):

        1 c raw almonds. If whole, chop before grining in food processor, but don't grind too fine.
        1 c. rolled oats, lightly ground in food processor
        1 c. flour (can be any kind... barley, oat, buckwheat, but I use whole wheat)
        1/4 tsp. cinnamon
        1/4 tsp. salt

        In another bowl mix/emulsify:
        1/2 c neutral oil (canola, safflower, sunflower, almond...)
        1/2 c. maple syrup
        1/2 tsp. vanilla
        1/4 tsp almond extract

        also have ready:
        4 oz. raspberry jam

        Mix the wet into dry. Roll the dough into little balls and on a lightly oiled baking sheet, press a little thumbprint well in each cookie and fill with raspberry jam.
        Bake 375 for 18 to 20 min.

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        1. I would just go with fruit truffles - soak dried fruit of choice in tasty liquid of choice, purée with enough nuts and cocoa powder to make stiff paste, shape into bite-size balls, roll into cocoa or chopped nuts. Done!

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              Yes, the Dutch process stuff. But by all means, use the sweetened kind if you'd rather.

          1. I have Celiac disease so have done the whole GF route. First, I would suggest avoiding trying to make some GF version of something you already enjoy that has gluten in it. You will be disappointed. Anyone who says otherwise (except a few recipes) has had Celiac disease too long!

            But, things you could do:

            1. You can make a nice "custard or pudding" using coconut milk and corn starch to thicken, and top with grilled/roasted fruit or broiled pineapple with nuts (assuming he can handle nuts).
            2. As above, you can make a crust or cookie accompaniment using ground up nuts, I sometimes add some brown rice flour, brown sugar, and butter (or margarine or apple juice/canola oil) . Stick in food processor and then bake at 400 or so. We often make a crust for a pie like this. You can also grind up GF cookies you buy (at health food store, or Whole Foods type stores). Many of them are also egg and dairy free because of people like to hit all the allergies with one product. Not all of them taste fantastic though : ).
            3. You can make a coconut sorbet or other sorbet
            4. There is a "egg replacer" you can get at health food stores or in allergy sections, that you can use instead of eggs in baked goods if you want to go that way.
            5. Please also note that oats in the US are generally considered NOT to be gluten-free, so avoid adding any since he may not tolerate them (some GF folks eat McCanns Irish Oats, but their flakes don't cook well). Also to avoid: soy sauce (not that you would use that in a dessert), malt vinegar (all others OK), beer or any other liquor made from wheat, barley, oats or rye.
            6. Rice pudding with coconut milk works too.
            7. As you can tell - think fruit for flavor (or chocolate), nuts for crunch (or things like brown rice/quinoa flakes, coconut milk for creaminess

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              what kind of pies work best with your above mentioned pie crust mixture?
              Do you pre-bake the crust before filling? This sounds great.