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Luigi's in DC?


I am staying close to this venerable establishment that was recommended for inexpensive casual Italian. Is it worth a visit?


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  1. If you're in the mood for venerable inexpensive casual Italian that tastes pretty good, sure. But don't try for anything exotic. It's pizza, pasta, and cianti, best enjoyed with a few friends.

    1. Stick with the pizza, i think it's pretty exceptional.

      1. Pizza very good. Also a few of their appetizers are pretty tasty. I recall the italian sandwich (ham, genoa salmi, mortadella, provolone) was very nice.

        1. Manicotti and lasagna are good.

          1. Good cheap Italian, agreed.

            1. Love this place. I actually always get pasta, not pizza. They have a good meat ravioli that reminds me of what my folks used to get in New York.

              1. I agree, the ravioli is very good. I'm not a huge fan of Luigi's pizza though--too much cheese for me.

                1. For low priced casual Italian, Osteria Galieleo is the best in DC. Another good alternative in the same neighborhood as Luigi's is Tosca which has a pre-theatre/early dinner menu for around $30 for three courses. Have been to Luigi's a couple times and have yet to be impressed, or even very happy with the food.

                  1. also, try to sit in the atrium area. I think it gets very warm in the main dining room that is closer to the kitchen.

                    I'll agree - Luigi's is good for casual Italian. nothing lasts this long in DC without being pretty good.

                    1. I recall my mother always touting the white pizza. Of course, she used to eat there during WWII, and "the old man," who lived in what used to be the apartment upstairs would hit on her (I imagine he was just being playful--my mother was quite thrilled by the attention).

                      I have always enjoyed my meals there, although it has been a while. And nobody has ever hit on me there.