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Aug 21, 2006 07:55 AM

Good Eating Near Emirates Stadium

Looking for restaurants within walking distance of Emirates Stadium. Any type of cuisine is welcome but the restaurant needs to be appropriate for taking business contacts. My colleagues ate at the stadium's "fine dining" restaurant on Saturday and described it as the worst meal of their lives. Thanks!

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  1. You are a ten minute stroll away from Upper Street, on which there are loads of dining options

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      Thank you but I am hoping for more specific recommendations, so that I can book a table for dinner before the match on Wednesday (and perhaps closer than a 10 minute walk).

    2. Bu-San a Korean restaurant at is the only place that I have enjoyed eating on Holloway Road, it is at no 43 but I am not sure if it is has moved or indeed is still open.

      A bit further away, down in residential Islington, is The House at 63-69 Canonbury Road N1 2DG Tel: 02077047410 and this is my favourite in the area for excellent food, friendly service in a comfortable environment.

      That said, I think I would be tempted to eat a death burger and see if I could get out of going to the game that way.

      1. Bu-San has temporarily closed due to that whole parade of shops being re-developed. They assured us they will re-open in a year or so.

        I love Bu-San, but to be honest they let the decor go before redevelopment. Last time I went there it felt damp and musty.

        But man, that steak and mushrooms sizzling in soy sauce...

        I quite like the Standard Tandoori on Holloway Road, but it is just a "standard" curry house. Their Muttar Paneer is my favourite. They just do it differently - no tomatoes.

        I had a very good meal at The House, although that's not very close to the Emirates Stadium. You should book - for a pub not in a usual location it is very busy.

        Nearby the re-vamped Marquess Tavern has been getting good reviews, but I haven't been there yet.