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Aug 21, 2006 06:38 AM

Substituting Kirsch for Maraschino?

I recently went out and bought a decent bottle of kirschwasser for cheese fondue. While looking through various cocktail books, I notice there are some cocktails that call for maraschino liqueur. Are kirsch and maraschino close enough in taste that I could easily substitute one for the other, or should I keep the kirsch on the shelf for the fondue? And what all can I do with the kirsch besides add it to fondue?

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  1. The only things kirsch and maraschino have in common are that they're both made of cherries and contain alcohol. Maraschino is sweet and has a very unique flavor that is not very cherry-like. So, not a good substitute.

    Kirsch isn't going to go bad anytime soon, so don't worry about it sitting around.

    I love to drink it straight after a meal in cooler months. But it's pretty potent stuff. Try flambeeing with it if you aren't drinking it.