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Lebanese Food

We're looking for some new Lebanese/Greek/Mediterranean restaurants (besides Sunnin) in the West LA area. Great hummus a must!

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  1. I was just told about a place called Carnival in the valley. 4356 Woodman in Sherman Oaks. All but one review are raves!

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      I might have been the negative review, and they've improved since I wrote the negative review. For the food, I still prefer Skaf's in North Hollywood, but for dine-in I have to admit Carnival is a nicer place. Skaf's is a dive -- a great dive, with wonderful food and nice people, but it's a dive nonetheless.

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        Again not in west l.a. but while we're talking about the vallye, there's also cedar house at whitsett and riverside.

        I like carnival very much.

        I think there's a lebanese place on Westwood. Is Byblos still around?

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          Also in the valley is Alcazar in Encino, which I think is superior to Carnival for mezza.

    2. there are many in the valley but none that i know of in the west La area. once in a while
      the chef at gypsy cafe takes over and makes nice food

      1. What about Marouch???? - Not exactly W.L.A. but, close. :) KQ

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          Technically, I think one could argue that everything west of Main Street is "West LA." And Marouch rocks!

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            none of these (although all are quite good) is in west LA. the person is asking for that.

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              Outside of Sunnin and Byblos there's isn't anything I can think of in West LA that's good for Lebanese food, so we're providing alternatives within a reasonable drive.

          2. If you are looking to take a drive, I recommend Zena's in Orange County, about 5 miles away from Angels Stadium / The Pond. It is a mom and pop operation with possibly the best Lebanese homemade food around. There is a small patio which gets quite crowded on the weekends for diners looking for a relaxing dinner and hookah. I recommend the Chicken Kabobs which are meaty and always juicy with a side of their fresh garlic sauce, as well as the Kibbeh and your standard Mezza dishes such as Hummus with beef and the freshest Tabouleh. If you want a patio on the seat I highly suggest a reservation!

            1. IMO, the short drive to Hollywood for Marouch is worth it. Nothing in the area even comes close. This place should be a landmark and a reference point for good Lebanese restaurants.
              If you like Foul, go there on any given weekend morning (not sure about Sundays) and be prepared to eat the best foul you've ever had. I dare to say Maroush is the best in town.

              If you're in the Pasadena area, Lebanese Kitchen is also very good. Not Marouch good but good, none the less.

              I've had Carnival on Woodman (in Sherman Oaks) and they're not bad but I don't think they hold a candle to Marouch's authenticity, quality and freshness.

              1. You guys rock. Thanks a mill for all the suggestions. Actually, we're going to try them all. I have a newspaper review on Marouch that supports all your comments. Much appreciated!

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                  You want to avoid Byblos as I can't remember a happy dining report here:


                  There's also Magic Carpet which offers a wide assortment of Mideastern dishes and others but avoid most entrees.

                  Magic Carpet Restaurant - Middle Eastern (Kosher
                  )8566 W Pico Blvd. - near So. La Cienega Blvd.
                  Los Angeles
                  (310) 652-8507