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Aug 21, 2006 04:42 AM

Lebanese Food

We're looking for some new Lebanese/Greek/Mediterranean restaurants (besides Sunnin) in the West LA area. Great hummus a must!

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  1. I was just told about a place called Carnival in the valley. 4356 Woodman in Sherman Oaks. All but one review are raves!

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    1. re: eecee

      I might have been the negative review, and they've improved since I wrote the negative review. For the food, I still prefer Skaf's in North Hollywood, but for dine-in I have to admit Carnival is a nicer place. Skaf's is a dive -- a great dive, with wonderful food and nice people, but it's a dive nonetheless.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Again not in west l.a. but while we're talking about the vallye, there's also cedar house at whitsett and riverside.

        I like carnival very much.

        I think there's a lebanese place on Westwood. Is Byblos still around?

        1. re: Jerome

          Also in the valley is Alcazar in Encino, which I think is superior to Carnival for mezza.

    2. there are many in the valley but none that i know of in the west La area. once in a while
      the chef at gypsy cafe takes over and makes nice food

      1. What about Marouch???? - Not exactly W.L.A. but, close. :) KQ

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        1. re: Kitchen Queen

          Technically, I think one could argue that everything west of Main Street is "West LA." And Marouch rocks!

          1. re: russkar

            none of these (although all are quite good) is in west LA. the person is asking for that.

            1. re: epop

              Outside of Sunnin and Byblos there's isn't anything I can think of in West LA that's good for Lebanese food, so we're providing alternatives within a reasonable drive.

          2. If you are looking to take a drive, I recommend Zena's in Orange County, about 5 miles away from Angels Stadium / The Pond. It is a mom and pop operation with possibly the best Lebanese homemade food around. There is a small patio which gets quite crowded on the weekends for diners looking for a relaxing dinner and hookah. I recommend the Chicken Kabobs which are meaty and always juicy with a side of their fresh garlic sauce, as well as the Kibbeh and your standard Mezza dishes such as Hummus with beef and the freshest Tabouleh. If you want a patio on the seat I highly suggest a reservation!